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Having your website translated for international expansion

50% of sales worldwide are carried out online. To ensure that your company gets its piece of this enormous pie, you might already have created a website. But the percentage mentioned above makes reference to WORLDWIDE sales! Which is why you need a multilingual site. To keep the quality of your content from being altered, and present your company in the best possible light, you need the translation of your website to be professional.

A.D.T. International, the reference in website translation

A translator in full website translation

A.D.T. International, a translation agency since 1993, provides website translation services. Our services in this field may be divided into two categories:

  • Translation of showcase websites. The presentation of your website should leave the best possible impression on its visitors and instill a sense of trust. Our translators' excellent writing skills can show your company at its best. Your content is faithfully reproduced.
  • E-commerce website translation. The translation of an e-commerce website triggers a boost in sales. The whole world must be able to understand the descriptions of your articles and products for your international expansion to be truly successful. By having your e-commerce website professionally translated, we ensure that both your brand image and your values are respected. Anything less will raise questions about how serious your business is.

Website translation by our competent, qualified, experienced translators

The A.D.T. International translation agency puts its extensive experience, expertise and language skills at your disposal, whatever your field of activity. Our vast network of highly qualified translators enables us to choose the most suitable to translate your website.

We have an extremely strict recruitment procedure to ensure the service we provide is high quality. All our translators have a translation degree or equivalent in addition to qualifications and experience in their field of expertise.

A.D.T. International provides two solutions for the translation of your website

To have your website translated, whether it is under construction or already live, choose between two solutions:

  • Translation directly performed within the source code.

The process of translating a websiteThis first solution provides you with a translation while conserving a layout that is identical to the original, thanks to the expertise of our web design teams. We return the source files of your website – which your webmaster will be able to extract – without any modification to codes or tags. The translated file is identical to the original, with only the text translated. We use file conversion tools that freeze the tags, making it impossible for the translator to accidentally modify the code. The translator therefore works exclusively on the text, and all you have to do is import the translated files back into your website.

The advantage of this method is that it enables us to use all our translation tools without disrupting the code tags. However, it also implies that you must have your own webmaster import and export the native files.

  • Translation directly into your back office. We can insert the translated texts directly into your back office, whether the website was created with Drupal, Wordpress, Typo 3 or another tool. Simply send us your login identification and password, and we will post the content online for you. Going directly through the back office simplifies the online posting of the translation and saves you time.

An all-inclusive, high-quality translation service

Schematization before the translation of a website

Our work method includes the quality assurance of each translation project you give us. Our added value is that we are able to offer you a high-quality translation service performed by qualified, experienced translators – always translating into their native languages – in a wide variety of fields. From pharmaceutics to finance, from law to cosmetics to IT and much more, each of our translators is technically specialized in a distinct field. In addition, they have already worked in another profession in their field: as legal advisers, journalists, lawyers, pharmacists, financial analysts, and so on. This is necessary in order to master all the technical terms and codes that are so specific to each activity.

Whatever the nature of your request, our project management process guarantees you a professional result that conforms with the requirements of your field.

Our control process, applied to each project, includes several steps:

  • Linguistic checks
  • Terminological checks
  • Technical checks
  • Layout checks
  • Punctuality checks
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