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A specialized service for the management of your audio and video files 

A.D.T. International provides professional transcription, dubbing, subtitling and voice-over services.

The A.D.T. translation agency handles the transcription of video and audio files

A.D.T. International is available to transcribe your video and audio files. We can transcribe meeting minutes, an interview, audio report, statement, or any other type of recording for you so you have a written record of the event. A translator specializing in your field can then translate the document for wider distribution if needed.

A translation agency skilled in subtitling

If your file requires subtitling, our service includes digitizing the video into a linguistic work file, translating the dialogues, inserting subtitles and delivery of the final video via FTP (or otherwise, according to your request). Subtitling can be very useful, for example for corporate videos featured on your website. It makes your video accessible to a broader audience and considerably improves your SEO.

Video dubbing and voice-over services by A.D.T. International

We also have various resources for video dubbing and voice-over services. We prepare your video and dialogue extraction, then oversee the studio recording by native speaking actors with the possibility for you to choose from a wide variety of voices). We then mix, encode, and deliver the final video via FTP (or otherwise, according to your request).

We handle all file formats (mp3, wav, avi, mov, etc.) and are able to translate your audio and video files into more than 80 languages. Our professional teams respect the confidentiality of your videos and provide you with high-quality work in short time-frames.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your transcription, dubbing, subtitling or voice-over projects. Our teams are available to advise you.

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