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Urgent translation in Strasbourg: Choose A.D.T. for your last minute translations.

International relations, foreign clients, a medical need... There are many situations that may need an urgent translation in Strasbourg. To do this, not everyone has the skills or teams available to translate documents. What is even more complicated: not everyone can find a professional able to provide a last minute translation !

To translate your documents in very tight turnaround times, it is recommended you use professional translators who understand the urgency related to your profession and who can get them back to you fast.

A.D.T. is the service provider that can do this for you. Working with more than 2500 professionals and with numerous offices directed by our translation agency in Paris, the Translation Agency is available to undertake your urgent translations in Strasbourg and the rest of France.


A.D.T., specialist in urgent translation in Strasbourg and elsewhere

Need an urgent translation in Strasbourg? Our professional translators are available to meet your needsA leader on the market, A.D.T. provides its translation services for individuals and professionals throughout France. For people in Strasbourg, our urgent translation service in Strasbourg undertakes all your requests.

Here, we ensure our quality process is applied, even if you have a very short timeframe.

"Rigour and flexibility." These are the keywords that have made A.D.T. the ISO-certified agency what it is today.

Our strength? Our ability to adapt. All you have to do is contact us and give us your orders and deadlines for your translations in Strasbourg. We'll take care of the rest.

For a faithful translation of your documents, A.D.T. is a benchmark that many professionals contact for their translations. Thanks to our detailed translation processes, we know we can guarantee a singular service for our clients.

What are our urgent translation processes?

Because transparency is what instils confidence more than anything, we tell you about the 2 methods we have implemented that enable us to take on your urgent translations in Strasbourg while maintaining a quality of service that's difficult to equal.

Thanks to several thousand translators we have recruited and trained, A.D.T. is able to take on any translation while getting it back to you by the deadline you give us.

We use time differences

We have a database of translators located on the five continents. According to the translation language you want and the translation urgency, we can "use" the time difference to translate your texts. When it is night in France and you are sleeping, translators on the other side of the world can be translating your request.
Thanks to this method, we can gain up to 12 hours.
The process is clear:

  • You contact us
  • We approve your quotation together
  • One of our project managers manages your project
  • We send you your translated document

Apart from the time difference, the translators in our network are free to work when they want. This is why we always have professionals available.


We establish groups of translators

Need to translate documents urgently in Strasbourg? Contact our A.D.T.If you have an urgent project with a lot of words to translate, our translation agency in Strasbourg can use this second technique.

In order to be able to deliver your translation by your deadline while maintaining exemplary quality, we put together groups of 2 to 5 translators.

We keep group sizes to a minimum to maintain consistency in terms of rewriting your texts.

Overloading a group often finishes by taking more time than limiting its size!

Although each profile is chosen according to their similarities, each is different. Each translator's interpretation can vary slightly. Stemming from that, more time can be spent correcting and proofreading your project.

3 criteria are taken into account when we put together a pool of translators to translate your content:

  • the translator's linguistic level in the language to translate
  • their writing style
  • their mother tongue

How do we ensure quality service applies to urgent translation in Strasbourg ?

Over time our translation agency has made urgent translations one of its priorities.

From now on, your urgent translation in Strasbourg can be carried out with the same reliability, faithfulness and quality as your "regular" translations.

To do that, we have invested a lot of time in finding the perfect formula that answers the following question:

"How can we maintain our quality process while ensuring text is translated fast ?"

The answer is in how our service works.

To provide professional and rigorous solutions to meet your needs for urgent translations in Strasbourg, one or more translator(s) is(are) assigned to your project, but also a reviewer who will:

  • create a glossary to be used
  • follow and advise the translators
  • ensure the translation's consistency
  • ensure the content's page layout is correct
  • proofread the translated document before it is sent to you

Through this rigorous process, our translation agency in Strasbourg faithfully translates your words and looks to show you that A.D.T. has its place as leader on the translation market in France.

Need to have your documents translated? Call on our translation agency

Your can have your texts translated into more than 80 languages at A.D.T.

From French to Chinese via Zulu, German or Austrian, our network of experts allows is to offer translations in more than 80 languages.

We provide:

  • translations of your French texts into another language
  • translations of your foreign language texts into French
  • translations of your foreign language texts into another foreign language

What is the language you would like the translation for ?

  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Maltese
  • Hungarian
  • Albanian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Slovenian
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • Estonian
  • Catalan
  • Armenian
  • Corsican
  • Bulgarian
  • Etc.

If the language you need is not in this list, email or phone us and we'll be able to answer your question.

What kind of text does A.D.T. International translate ?

The A.D.T. Translation Agency is able to translate all your documents. Whatever your business sector, we have specialists in all sectors.

Why use A.D.T. for your translations ?

Urgent translations agency in Strasbourg available 24/7 - Express translationsWith more than 25 years of text translation experience, A.D.T. is a benchmark company in France.

As leader in the sector, the quality of our services has been demonstrated. The two ISO certifications the A.D.T. Translation Agency has attests to this.

  • ISO 9001 certification : This sets out the criteria to implement a quality management system. In addition, this standard, a vector of progress, gives a framework and enables companies that have it to constantly provide a quality service for their clients.
  • 17100: 2015 certification : This certification confirms an agency's translation quality. It is for TSP (Translation service providers) and guarantees that clients who use a certified agency benefit from a faithful interpretation of their text that's perfectly executed.

In addition to our certifications, our client relations make us an excellent service provider. Whether for a regular translation or for an urgent translation in Strasbourg, we make sure we tell you about which stage your project is at as it progresses.

Transparency is of essential for us. This is why we have chosen to be open with you and share our work methods with you.

We favour our relationship with clients. Each client and each project is different, and we have understood that. This is why we're always open to what you have to say.

Several major companies have already chosen us for their translations. Why not you?

Whether you're working in tourism, law, marketing or in any other sector, we will always have translators ready to undertake your urgent translations in Strasbourg.

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For your urgent translations in Strasbourg, A.D.T. and its translators are there for you.

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  • Non-stop from 8.30am to 6.30pm
  • Throughout the year, except public holidays.

Are you looking for a translator to translate an urgent document in Strasbourg? We are available 24/7.

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