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Urgent translation in Nice: A.D.T. International Nice takes care of everything.

Many activities need personal and business documents to be translated into several languages. The concern? You may need to translate something at the last minute and then it’s panic stations. If you live in Nice, don't worry, our agency will answer all your urgent translation requests.

For your translations that have extremely tight turnaround times, ask the Translation Agency and its 2500 translators and staff around the world.

Each translator recruited by A.D.T. specialises in a specific subject and is at least bilingual, or even multilingual. As a translation agency based in Paris, we have set up a translation office in Nice to cover your pressing requirements.

A.D.T., a qualified agency for your translations in Nice

urgent translation NiceThe documents you have to translate are crucial elements for your company to run smoothly. Regardless of the business sector, they play a major role in growing your business internationally.

Something urgent can come up or be forgotten and not everyone has the means to be able to translate one or several texts in tight timeframes.

This is why for your urgent translations in Nice, A.D.T. has chosen to centralise its development on two characteristics that give it its renown today: responsiveness and flexibility.

Whatever your deadlines, whether 12, 24 or 48 hours, our urgent translation service in Nice is at your service 24/7 to adapt to your timeframes.

Two major processes to manage your most urgent translations

At A.D.T., transparency is a priority. We don't keep anything from you and clearly explain the process that enables us to guarantee translating your texts in record time.

Before anything, we ensure the translators we recruit are able to translate content with maximum reliability. To do that, we base our recruitment on 3 criteria, which are:

  • The mother tongue linguistic level
  • The foreign language linguistic level
  • Specialisation in a subject

Today, thanks to a pool of several thousand translators we have built up, we are able to translate any document you may have.

We cover all subjects.

urgent translation in the city of Nice

We use two methods to be able to provide your urgent translations in Nice.

The first: we "work" with time differences

By sending us your text and accepting our proposition at 8pm here, the translators in Australia will just be starting their day and can translate your document while you sleep.As our certified translators are all over the world, depending on the languages you want your content to be translated into, we send your request to our teams to the other side of the world. We can save up to 12 hours !

  • By sending us your text and accepting our proposition at 8pm here, it will be 11am in Los Angeles, and a professional over there can work on the urgent translation you asked for in Nice

The second : we create pools of translators

In order to ensure perfect coordination, A.D.T. doesn't rely only on people qualified to translate. Each day, reviewers, project managers and translators work together to coordinate client requests down to the minute.

This meticulous organisation enables us to create groups of translators who share a similar working method and skill set.

If you need an urgent translation in Nice of a document with a lot of words, we'll set up a group of 2 to 4 specialists to guarantee:

  • getting your translation to you within the deadlin
  • a faithful and quality translation
  • a standard writing style

In both cases, and even of your order needs to be done within a day, we'll ensure our quality process is maintained.

How does the Translation Agency combine quality and fast turnaround ? 

urgent translation in the city of NiceIt's not a secret. In general when something is rushed, it is likely that the quality won't be good, it will be skewed and contain errors.

With more than 25 years of expertise in translation, our agency has always sought to refine its processes in order to meet your urgent translation requests in Nice.

To ensure your urgent requests are met professionally and rigorously, whether each order you place is urgent or not, each one is proofread and reviewed by one of our proofreaders.

They are responsible for:

  • Reading your documents to drawn up a glossary from the launch phase
  • Leading and advising translators
  • Ensuring the work is consistent
  • Harmonising the translated document before it is sent to you
  • Carrying out a full check of the final version

With this method, we can guarantee translations that are faithful, and all within timeframes you won't find elsewhere.

Avec cette méthode, nous sommes dans la capacité de vous garantir des traductions fidèles, le tout, dans des délais que vous ne trouverez pas ailleurs.

We translate your texts into more than 80 languages

Thanks to our network of translators all over the world, we are able to accurately translate more than 80 languages.

We undertake:

  • your urgent translations from French into a foreign language
  • your urgent translations from a foreign language into French
  • your translations from a foreign language into another foreign language

With our translation company in Nice, you don't have to look for someone in vain who can translate your text quickly. You can call on us to do that.

urgent translation Nice thanks to A.D.T

Anglais et Américain, Breton, Français, Gaélique, biélorusse (écossais, irlandais), Allemand (Allemagne, Autriche, Luxembourg, Suisse),Italien, Finnois,Néerlandais (Belgique, Pays-Bas), Espagnol (Espagne et Amérique latine), Albanais, Arabe, Coréen, Corse, Arménien, Autrichien, Belge, Bosnien, Slovène, Somalien, Turc,Bulgare, castillan, catalan, chinois (cantonnais, mandarin simplifié ou traditionnel), croate, danois, russe, féroïen, grec, hébreu, hindi, hollandais, ouzbek, hongrois, roumain, vietnamien, zoulou, latin, lituanien, indonésien, islandais, laotien,italien, japonais, kurde, macédonien, malgache, maltais, maori, mongol, népalais, norvégien, persan, japonais, kurde Polonais, Portugais (Portugal, Brésil), Serbe, Serbo-croate, Slovaque, Estonien, Soudanais, Suédois, Suisse, Tchèque, Ukrainien.British English and American English, Breton, French, Gaelic (Scottish, Irish), , Belarussian, German (Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland), Italian, Finnish, Dutch (Belgium, the Netherlands), Spanish (Spain, Latin America), Albanian, Arabic, Korean, Corsican, Armenian, Austrian, Belgian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Somali, Turkish, Bulgarian, Castilian, Catalan, Chinese (Cantonese, simplified or traditional Mandarin), Croatian, Danish, Russian, Faroese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Dutch, Uzbek, Hungarian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Zulu, Latin, Lithuanian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Laotian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Macedonian, Madagascan, Maltese, Maori, Mongol, Nepalese, Norwegian, Persian, Japanese, Kurdish, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil), Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Estonian, Sudanese, Swedish, Switzerland, Czech, Ukrainian.

Why choose us ?

A.D.T. is not just any translation agency. Leader on the French market, our company has been involved in the sector for 27 years old and has become a benchmark throughout France.

From Paris to Marseille, Strasbourg to Nantes, Bordeaux to Nice, our translation company has proven itself and continues to prove that it is THE company to choose when you want a professional, rigorous and quality service.

A certified translation agency

Nice urgent translation with Certification

If we are entitled to say how reliable our services are, it is due in particular to the Translation Agency being certified by two ISO standards.

Choosing an organisation certified by ISO standards means entrusting your projects to a company that has had the quality of its services approved by an official international agency.

A.D.T. has :

  • ISO 9001 translation standard certification
  • ISO 17100: 2015 certification

They attest to the skills, translation activities, multilingual document adaptation as well as translation and revision services of the relevant entity.

A translation company constantly looking to improve

Within the A.D.T. Translation Agency, improving our services is one of our main development levers.

Our translation office in Nice makes sure it provides you with the best service possible, whatever the number of words you need to have translated or the deadline.

Whether it's a technical and scientific translation or the translation of an invoice, our teams to everything to guarantee exemplary impetus and responsiveness.

Each year, we are chosen to translate more than 30,000 projects...

...Each day, we are chosen to translate dozens of urgent translations in Nice, Paris, Marseille and the rest of France.

An agency that favours transparency

For us, you are more than just a client. Being close to those we work with and those who entrust their translations to us allows us to immediately establish an environment of confidence.

With this in mind, we can work efficiently and meet all your requirements.

Many companies have already entrusted their translations to us and not only comment about the quality of our translations but also the transparency we establish with them. We invite you to find out too.

Get in touch with us to get your free quotation now

You can ask for your quotation online.

Otherwise, ask for one of our advisors from our translation agency in Nice to call you back. They will answer your questions and draw up a detailed quotation with you.

To undertake the translation of your urgent documents in Nice, our teams are available non-stop 24/7.


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