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Urgent translation in – When you need an urgent, faithful, quality traduction, ask A.D.T., translation leader in France to do it for you.

Urgent translation in Nantes: A.D.T. International takes on your last minute translations

You have to translate a 50-page text for the day after tomorrow.
But you probably don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself.
However you have a solution for translating your urgent translations in Nantes. It’s to ask a specialist translation agency like A.D.T. International.

Whether you’re a volunteer organisation, VSE/SME, large company or student in Nantes, do you need help translating a document into another language? A.D.T., “the International Translation Agency” and its  urgent translation office in Nantes are available to help.

To translate any document, our teams take on your project and get it back to you in less than 48 hours if needed.

With more than 25 years of experience, the 2500 translators we work with translate into more than 80 languages. Contact us, we’ll manage whatever you need to have translated in Nantes.

The Translation Agency, qualified and trained translators to provide your urgent translations in Nantes

urgent translation NantesIn order to make registering your order and our workflow easier to ensure the shortest deadlines possible for your urgent translations in Nantes, we have not centralised our services in our translation agency in Paris. By developing branches around France, we have made responsiveness and flexibility our main strengths.

As a project done at the last minute is not reliable or does not meet the right level of quality, by developing our urgent translation offices we wanted to provide a solution for you that combines rigour and impetus.

You can count on our translators, project managers and proofreaders to take care of your document translation, even at the last minute.

2 major methods for undertaking your urgent translations

Depending on how many words you have to translate and the number of languages to translate, A.D.T. has developed two separate methods to manage your urgent translation in Nantes.

How can we guarantee getting your translation back to you within the deadline you set ?

urgent translation in NantesFirst of all, our recruitment teams ensure they recruit translators according to 3 criteria :

  • Their specialisation in a subject
  • How well they know their original language
  • Their linguistic level with regards the foreign languages they speak

If, and only if, the translator meets these selection criteria, are they allowed to join the A.D.T. teams.

This selective method enables us to have access to professionals in the profession who are qualified and able to meet all your requirements.

Financial translation,marketing translation or even website translation, regardless of what urgent translation in Nantes you need, we can do it for you.

To do this, these are the 2 methods we use.

The first method consists of using the time differences between France and the rest of the world. Taking into account that our translators are located around the world (USA, Australia, Asia…), we can give them your work at 1pm in France. It will be 6am in the United States.

Likewise, a second way to use the time difference is that we can send your need for an urgent translation in Nantes to our teams in Australia or the Asian continent. From then they can translate your urgent documents while you sleep.

The second method consists of setting up a group of translators for your project. If your request has a lot of words and must be translated urgently, we use the same criteria for our experts collaborating on an urgent project as for groups set up to work on regular translation projects. You therefore have the guarantee you’ll benefit from work that’s consistent and carried out perfectly.

Our priority ? Quality

urgent translation Nantes to Nantes with A.D.T.The quality of our translations has been a major factor since the agency was established in 1993, and has always enabled us to stand out from our competitors.

We do what’s required to provide quality, urgent translations for our clients in Nantes that are faithful to the original texts they give us.

Each of your orders is constantly checked by a reviewer who undertakes to:

  • draw up a glossary
  • harmonise the work carried out by the translators beforehand
  • draw up a list of unusual vocabulary
  • organise and lead translators by answering their questions
  • carry out a final check before your project is sent to you

With this method, A.D.T. can maintain a strict quality level while delivering your translated texts on time.

How do we ensure that your translations are reliable, even the most urgent ?

For your urgent translations in Nantes as for those in Paris, Marseille, Lyon or Bordeaux, our process is the same.

Why do this ?

To maintain the quality standard we provide to all of our clients.

A.D.T. International has a network of more than 2,500 translators who work closely together each day to provide translations that are the most reliable they can be.

5 criteria to guarantee your content is translated correctly

Your urgent translation agency in NantesWhether translating a text is urgent or not, it is meticulous work that needs rigour and concentration.

So that your urgent documents are well translated, avoid making the mistake of translating your documents using online tools like DeepL or Reverso. Unlike humans, these machines do not always understand the meaning of a text or a word. After that, your translation is neither consistent nor faithful to the source text.

So that your urgent translations are well translated, ask A.D.T., your translation agency in Nantes, and use the abilities of qualified translators, which is the most effective and reliable way.

At A.D.T., content must meet 5 quality criteria before it is sent to you:

  • Linguistic criteria : we ensure that the source has been understood and correctly translated.
  • Technical criteria : we ensure that the translator(s) has(ve) grasped the subject.
  • Terminological criteria : the translator use the complex vocabulary and terms related to your business sector.

In addition to these 3 parameters, we undertake to:

  • Do the page layout of your translated document
  • Respect the language’s grammar rules

Which documents can our translation service in Nantes undertake for you?

urgent translation Nantes in all languagesOur urgent translation office in Nantes translates all document types. Whether for medical translation or legal translation, we can provide what you need.

Do you need to translate an educational textbook? A financial analysis or real estate audit? Contact us and we’ll take care of your request.

We work with our clients openly in our Translation Agency. This means we will give you regular updates about which stage your project is at so you can follow how it is getting on.

A.D.T. translates your texts into more than 80 languages !

Thanks to the thousands of people who work with us regularly, we can undertake translating your text into more than 80 different languages. This is one of the reasons why A.D.T. is leader in the translation sector in France today.

Which languages can we translate ?

French, Gaelic (Scottish, Irish), Catalan, German (Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland), Italian, British and American English, Slovenian, Albanian, Arabic, Korean, Corsican, Armenian, Austrian, Belgian, Belarussian, Mongol, Bosnian, Breton, Somali, Bulgarian, Castilian, Hebrew, Serbian, Chinese (Cantonese, simplified or traditional Mandarin), Croatian, Spanish (Latin American, Spain), Romanian, Russian, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Dutch, Uzbek, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Zulu, Latin, Lithuanian, Indonesian, Islandic, Italian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Sudanese, Kurdish, Laotian, Macedonian, Madagascan, Maltese, Faroese, Maori, Dutch (Belgium, the Netherlands), Nepalese, Latin, Norwegian, Persian, Japanese, Kurdish, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil), Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Swiss, Czech, Turkish.

Why choose A.D.T. for the urgent translation of your texts in Nantes ?

A.D.T. is a benchmark translation agency, as much for your urgent translations in Nantes as for your “regular” translations in the rest of France.

A.D.T. represents :

urgent translation Nantes to Nantes with certification

  • The leading translation company in France;
  • More than 2,500 translators and staff;
  • 2 ISO certifications attesting to the quality of the agency’s services;
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 17100: 2015
  • Translators, reviewers and project managers available day and night, 7 days a week to ensure your translations meet their deadline.

Whether for translation, interpretation, proofreading, transcription or D.T.P (Page layout), A.D.T. International levers its vast network of professionals to maintain a level of requirement our clients expect of us, but also two ISO certifications.

Our work methods are not a secret, we look to remain fully open with our clients in order to avoid any surprises. We do everything possible to establish a long-lasting relationship and trust between us.

Contact us for a free quotation

Nantes urgent translation quoteFor an urgent translation in Nantes, you can ask for a quotation directly on our Website. Otherwise, you can ask for one of our advisors to call you back to answer your questions and give you a detailed quotation if needed.

From Paris to Marseille, Nantes to Nice or France to the other side of the world, A.D.T. International is there to undertake your transcriptions and urgent translations.


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