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Urgent translation in Lille: contact professionals to manage your translations before your deadline

What do you do when one of your business partners asks you to get a document back to them translated within 24 hours? Translation is an essential tool for companies that have international relations. However, they don't all have a translation service and are not all capable of providing urgent translations in Lille !

A.D.T. International, the translation market leader in France, is ready and waiting to provide translations of your documents, even the most urgent!

Our translation agency in Lille has qualified translators who can translate your texts into multiple languages.

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Need an urgent translation in Lille? Contact a qualified translation agency.

Need an urgent translation in Lille? Contact a qualified translation agency

A.D.T. traditionally centralised its work at its translation agency in Paris, and rapidly decided to branch out its offices around France. The aim of decentralising was to be able to ensure better management of the 2500 people working with us and guarantee our quality assurance methods and undertake your urgent translations where you are!

Whether you’re in the medical, wholesale or ready-to-wear fashion sector, you may suddenly need an urgent translation which may make your teams panic.

Being able to get official documents translated back to clients in time is necessary so you don't slow down your business and/or to avoid losing a client.

The A.D.T. translation agency is the company best placed for your urgent translation in Lille.

“Responsiveness” and “flexibility” are keywords at our translation office in Lille. Our teams work on your projects 24/7 to guarantee getting translations back to you within 72, 48 or even 24 hours !

Our translation process

To provide your urgent translations in Lille, A.D.T. follows the same process as all our other offices. By following strict guidelines, we can maintain singular translation quality and produce translations that are true to the original texts.

Transparency is a priority, which is why we clearly explain to you the process we use to translate your super urgent texts.

Using robots is not possible. Machines are unable to understand the meaning of sentences and have a negative impact on the quality of your translations. At A.D.T., real professionals translate all texts we work with.

We are able to meet tight translation turnaround times in part due to our 2 translation processes.

We put together groups of translators

The first method A.D.T. uses is to put together a group of 2 to 5 translators so they can take on your translation faster with maximum efficiency.

We use this technique when there are a lot words to translate and a fast turnaround time is needed.

Useful to know : each translator can translate 2500 to 3000 works per day.

In order to maintain quality and consistency in the translation of your texts, we set up teams of translators according to their similarities:

  • Mother tongue
  • Foreign language level
  • Availability

With this first method, our urgent translation agency in Lille can ensure:

  • getting your text back to you in time
  • a translation that is faithful to the original text
  • harmony in the style and writing

We “work” with time differences

A.D.T. has a significant advantage with a network of more than 2500 translators throughout the world. Time difference.

Time differences mean we can manage your translations while you sleep.

  • When it is midnight in France, it is 10am in Australia
  • When it is midnight in France, it is 3pm in Los Angeles

Thanks to time differences around the work, we can entrust your translation projects to our translators in the Americas, Asia or Australia and guarantee one thing: that you get your translation in time.

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A strict quality approach for translations that convey the original

Whichever process is used, more than anything A.D.T., an agency with double ISO certification, looks to provide translations that are as true to the original text as they can be for its clients.

To do so we have our own strict quality methods. We apply these methods at our translation agency in Lille.

Through the course of more than twenty years of experience, we have been able to develop, refine and improve all of our services to remain consistent and qualitative, whatever the deadline.

How do we ensure the quality of your urgent translations in Lille ?

Each project you entrust to us is not just translated. Before we deliver the translations of your texts, our proofreaders take on all your texts and :

  • draw up a glossary before the translation is started
  • organise and lead teams of translators
  • support the translators and answer their questions
  • proofread and harmonise your document before it is sent to you
  • carry out a quality check of your translated texts

What kind of text does A.D.T. translate ?

Our translation agency in Lille can handle all your texts in any sector you work in!

Some subjects have special terms and language. There’s no problem for that, our wide network of translators enables us to cover all sectors. Banking, finance, marketing, medicine, science, ecology... A.D.T. translates any subject.

Whether for:

Our translators and our team in Lille are available to help.

A.D.T. translations in more than 80 languages !

A.D.T. translations in more than 80 languages !

A.D.T. is one of the agencies that translates the most languages. In using our urgent translation office in Lille, you’ll be sure of finding the translation language you need.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the languages our translators can translate :

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • English (American, British)
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Hungarian
  • Austrian
  • Belgian
  • Bosnian
  • Korean
  • Corsican
  • Dutch
  • Slovak
  • Estonian
  • Etc.

You can't see the language you’re looking for in this list? Get in touch with us. Zulu, Japanese, Persian or Mongol... there’s only a very slim chance we won't be able to translate your text.

Why choose A.D.T. rather than another agency for your urgent translations in Lille ?

Sworn translation office for urgent translations in Lille

Beyond being translation market leader in France, A.D.T. is an agency recognised for the quality of its services more than anything.

A.D.T. represents :

  • 27 years of expertise
  • Translation and urgent translation services throughout France and the world
  • An agency certified by 2 ISO standards
  • More than 30,000 documents handled each year
  • Translators recruited and trained according to a strict process

Choose a certified agency for a successful translation

ISO certifications are a real degree of quality. Whatever the business sector, any company certified by this organisation represents a partner you can trust.

A.D.T. does not have one but two ISO certifications.

  • ISO 9001 translation standard certification
  • ISO 17100: 2015 certification

These two standards attest to the quality of our services and the level of professional translation we offer our clients. A.D.T. is the service provider you need for your urgent translations in Lille, if you are looking for the best turnaround times at the best prices with the best quality.

Strict selection criteria

To join A.D.T.’s teams, translators must prove themselves. Choosing the right professionals to work with us is key in ensuring translations with consistent quality.

With this in mind, we choose our certified translators according to 3 levels:

  • Linguistic
  • Technical
  • Terminological

We make sure that all of our translators are able to understand the subject they are given, to take them on board and translate them correctly.

Specialists available for you in Lille, even when it’s urgent

For your urgent translations in Lille, we endeavour to do what’s necessary to get translators working on your project fast.

We ensure we give you a quotation in less than an hour so you can give the project the go ahead or not. From then, we can give your text to one of our project managers who undertakes to send it to our urgent translation teams.

Contact A.D.T. for your urgent translations in Lille

Are you a company or individual based in Lille and need to have a document translated urgently ?

Ask A.D.T. Our experience and expertise is available for you to use.

You can ask for a quotation directly on our website or ask one of our advisors.

Our teams take care of your translations continuously and ensure they get them back to you in time.

Contact-us !

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