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Urgent translation in Bordeaux: A.D.T. – the Translation Agency will translate your text

Whether you are a company, volunteer organisation or an individual, at some point you may need an translation urgently which often creates panic about what to do. When you have a tight deadline, you’re unsure about what to do and ultimately translating your document falls behind. What’s the solution to this problem? We’ve got it for you.

As the translation agency that takes on your urgent translation in Bordeaux, A.D.T. gives you a solution so you can keep your work moving forward. Entrust your translations to us, even those with very short timeframes! All of our translators are available to translate your texts in more than 80 different languages.

Do you need someone to translate something for you right now ? Regardless of the field you work in (medicine, law, webmarketing, construction…). Our professionals are available to help 24/7.

A.D.T. International Bordeaux: our urgent translation office handles your last-minute translations

Urgent translation in BordeauxIt's 7pm, you're about to leave your office and suddenly panic sets in.

You remember that you had to get a document that's several pages long translated, signed and sent to your client by the end of the next day.

No problem. The A.D.T. translation agency, specialising in urgent translations in Bordeaux, is there to take care of your file as soon as possible while providing rigorous quality assurance.

How can we ensure that we get it back to you as fast as possible ?

Just like our translation agency in Paris, we have developed an urgent translation centre in Bordeaux.
A.D.T. is leader in the translation sector and urgent translation for international clients, and works with a network of translators according to their:

  •  training and experience
  • knowledge of their mother tongue and foreign languages
  • specialist subject

With more than 2500 translators around the world, assessed then carefully selected, our urgent translation company in Bordeaux is able to manage translating your texts within the timeframes you need.

Responsiveness and flexibility are keywords for us.

To ensure we get your documents back to you as quickly as possible, our translation agency in Bordeaux has 3 solutions.

  1.  We translate your texts at the weekend or overnight.
  2. We take advantage of our time differences of our teams elsewhere in the world.
  3. We have several translators share the translation of your project. They are chosen according to their similarities and ability to provide quality translations despite the time constraint.

Whatever method is used, our urgent translation service gives priority to quality while ensuring the deadlines you set are met.

To do this, a reviewer is responsible for :

  • Creating a glossary to be used
  • Proofreading the document translated in the language you asked for
  • Drawing up a list of pitfalls to watch for and/or vocabulary that's difficult to transcode
  • Leading the translators to guarantee consistency of the translation and information given
  • Ensuring overall harmony
  • Carrying out a final quality check of the translation

With this strict process, we can undertake your urgent translation from Bordeaux, its surroundings or the rest of the world, all while maintaining a quality standard that you won't find elsewhere.

Urgent translation in Bordeaux: what timeframes ?

The timeframes you need. Dealing with your urgency is our priority.

At A.D.T. International, we undertake to provide a quote for you within an hour from receiving your request.

Once it has been accepted, we do everything to guarantee we get it back to you before your deadline.

Whether you have a client expecting you to meet a tight deadline, or something unexpected comes up, the translation and reviewing teams working with our urgent translation office in Bordeaux undertake to respect your deadlines, whatever happens.

How do we translate your urgent documents ?

Urgent translation in Bordeaux

A project manager oversees each project and that it is being translated smoothly while respecting your instructions.

As such A.D.T. can guarantee an exemplary quality process for you that’s difficult to find elsewhere. Especially when it’s an urgent translation.

Each translation is proofread and corrected by an appointed professional proofreader. Just like the translators, each proof reader is qualified and trained.

The work is checked according to 5 key criteria for our translation company in Bordeaux to approve your urgent translation :

  • Linguistic quality : we check that the translated document is faithful to the original text and that its message has been conveyed.
  • Technical quality : we look to see that the document has been understood and correctly executed.
  • Terminology quality : we check that the relevant terms and vocabulary used in the field you work in has been understood.
  • Page layout : the presentation plays a role in how text is understood. We take care of your text’s page layout and ensure the content and style of the translation has been meticulously executed.
  • Deadlines respected : This criteria is central to our values. Whether your translation is urgent or not, we’ll do what’s needed to respect our undertakings and deadlines.

When you need an urgent translation in Bordeaux, you can count on us. Our translators can translate an average of 3000 words a day.

What urgent translations can we do for you ?

All of our classic services are involved for your urgent translation needs in Bordeaux.

But also...

You can give us any text. Macroeconomic studies, stock market analyses, all website themes, procedure audits, medical reports, medical publications, scientific journals...Translators undertake to translate what you need in the language you need.

What languages does the A.D.T. urgent translation agency translate ?

Urgent translation agency Bordeaux

Translating something is not easy and needs professional linguistic skills and perfect language knowledge. The style of language will not be the same for a press article and a customs' document. Nor will the vocabulary.

To enable you to benefit from a rigorous urgent translation in Bordeaux, we choose professional translators who will take care when translating your project.

We can translate your text :

  • from French into another language;
  • from a foreign language into French;
  • from a foreign language into another language.

We provide translations to and from, among others :

French, Greek, Austrian, Belgian, Belarussian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Castilian, Catalan, Macedonian, Maori, Mongol, Chinese (Cantonese, simplified or traditional Mandarin), Korean, Laotian, Lithuanian, Corsican, Croatian, Danish, Spanish (Latin American, Spain), German (Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland), English (USA, United Kingdom), Albanian, Arabic, Madagascan, Maltese, Armenian, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Islandic, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Dutch (Belgium, the Netherlands), Nepalese, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Uzbek, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil), Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Sudanese, Swedish, Swiss, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Zulu, Russian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian.

Why choose the Translation Agency to translate your texts ?

Entreprise traduction urgente Bordeaux

As a translation agency since 1993, A.D.T. international provides its urgent document translation service for your use.

Being in the leading position on the French translation market, A.D.T. has never stopped growing and increasing its staff so it can give you exclusive translation timeframes, and quality more than anything.

ISO 17100 : 2015 certification, the standard certifying a quality translation service for those who have it, A.D.T. is the partner you can trust to provide translations of your documents, even last minute.

With expertise recognised throughout the world and teams around the world, the A.D.T. International Translation Agency, the urgent translation company in Bordeaux, is ready and waiting to translate the texts you need.

Each year, we translate more than 30,000 projects. That's an average of 2,500 per month and around 83 per day. All of our 2500 translator-reviewers are continually called upon to provide you with a rigorous and professional translation that conveys the original message.

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