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Urgent translation by the Paris translation agency A.D.T. International

Does the nature of your business mean you have to translate your documents at the last minute, with very tight turnaround times? Your project is already behind schedule and you need to have documents translated as fast as possible so your business isn't slowed down? You need someone who understands the urgent nature of your business, capable of translating your documents within the day so that it doesn't prevent you from advancing in your work?

Choose A.D.T. International, leader in the translation sector providing solutions to international clients’ needs, capable of translating in more than 50 languages, with a network of experienced translators qualified in their field. We are based in Soisy-sous-Montmorency near Paris and work with major companies in the region: Paris, Cergy, Pontoise, Saint-Ouen l’Aumône, Enghien les Bains and Sarcelles, but also in France and internationally.

A.D.T. International will get your urgent translations done in the shortest turnaround times

An appointment for an urgent translation requestOur clients highlight our responsiveness and flexibility to be among our strong points. We go out of our way to meet all your deadline requirements while remaining clear and straightforward about our methods. We understand your business concerns and needs, as well as how things can become urgent. In a word, whatever the case, we are committed to respecting the deadlines that you have established, even if they are extremely short. We'll clearly outline the method chosen if the job is urgent. We are used to being productive when projects have a short turnaround time.

We can also guarantee we’ll translate your documents in the time you have given us. As soon as we receive your request, we can provide a quotation within the hour.


We use various means for an urgent translation

  • By taking advantage of the time difference with our overseas teams. We have teams working in several parts of the world. Thanks to time differences, when we give our team in the United States a task at 2pm in France, it’s 8am when they get it and start working on it and the translators can take it on within their normal working times.
  • By using several translators, each selected according to the same criteria as for a non-urgent translation. These translators belong to a pool of professionals who regularly work on your projects and who share equivalent linguistic and technical skills. In the case of an urgent translation, the project is divided between them.

Whatever the scenario, we continue to apply our quality assurance methods to ensure the best result.

A single proofreader with the same skill sets as the translators working on your project will:

  • Read all the documents to draw up a glossary at the beginning of the project (you may approve this glossary if you wish)
  • List any pitfalls or unusual vocabulary, and so on.
  • Provide instructions to ensure the translators remain consistent, particularly in terms of formatting numbers, dates, and other data, and whether or not certain terms, such as product names, are translated, etc.
  • Act as a coordinator for the translators, answering their questions and sharing the answers with the other translators involved
  • Ensure the final document’s uniformity
  • Check the final version before delivery

This method enables us to maintain quality whatever the turnaround time you’ve given us. Whatever happens, we’ll do everything to deliver your documents on time.

Translations that can be done urgently

We can provide all of our translation services urgently, i.e.:

  • Financial translation: macroeconomic studies, management and investment fund reports, stock exchange analyses, statutory auditor reports, executive summaries, special reports, procedure audits, accounting standards, financial report accounts and annexes, letters to shareholders, investor relations and more.
  • Legal translation: summons, company audits, patents, contracts, judgements, official reports, agreement procedures, articles of incorporation, general meeting resolutions, articles of law, briefing notes and more.
  • Medical translation and pharmaceutical translation: medical reports, medical publications, scientific articles, regulatory texts, medical expertise reports, patient information leaflets, chemical documentation, registration files, pharmacovigilance documents, clinical trials and more.
  • Marketing document translation: sales documents (calls for tender, recommendations), press files, advertisements, preparatory documents (invitations, notifications, PowerPoint presentations, speeches, etc.), newsletters, sales brochures and pamphlets, catalogues and more.
  • Website translation: all areas of activity.

Our offices are open:

  • every day except Saturday and Sunday.
  • non-stop from 8.30am to 6.30pm
  • throughout the year, except public holidays. We do not close for annual holidays or Whit Monday.

For average turnaround times: we work on the basis of an average of 2,500 unweighted words per day and per translator.

Why choose A.D.T. International translation agency? 

We are a translation agency that’s recognised around the world. We are positioned as a leader in the translation sector.

Our translator doing an urgent translationOur strengths?

Our translation standard certification with ISO 9001: 2015 since 1998, and ISO 17100: 2015 since 2016. These standards are applied respectively to “document translation activities and multilingual adaptation” and “Translation services, multilingual revision, proofreading, localisation and page layout (DTP)”. They are awarded by certified organisations and allow us to achieve a level of renown with our clients. We are committed to maintaining the high level of quality these certifications require: our teams are constantly looking to improve in order to provide you with the best services possible.

Checking your documents is a priority for us. Our checking process is based on three criteria: linguistic, terminology and technical. We go over each of these points one by one before sending you the final version of your documents.

We work completely openly. Whether for a urgent translation or the normal procedure, we communicate with you at each step of your document translation. Our methods are not a secret, you know exactly how our agency manages your important documents. We want there to be no barrier between our agency and clients. Our aim is to establish a long-lasting relationship with them built on confidence. Have a look at what the companies and organisations that have chosen to work with us have to say.

Contact us for your free quotation

You can request your quotation online, where our professionals will be able to get a detailed quotation back to you quickly. One of our team members from the closest agency can also can also call you so you can ask all the questions you have and start the estimate for your translation project.

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