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In-house translators / revisers.

A translator of A.D.T. International in full translationA.D.T. International's translators / revisers have translation qualifications and work only into their native language and within their areas of specialization.
They will check your translations very carefully before delivery. Meticulous checks are made of the grammar, spelling, terminology, compliance with glossaries and style in order to meet your requirements as fully as possible. Quality control is focused on four main areas:

  • Checks of fluency, accuracy, comprehension of the subject area of the translation;
  • Checks of intra- and intertextual terminology, standardization of vocabulary, compliance with glossaries and translation memories;
  • Checks of references and spelling;
  • Checks that the layout matches the original (in accordance with your requirements and if the format of the source document allows it).

The translators / revisers will ensure uniformity of vocabulary across all your projects and will produce translation memories at your request. They will add to the glossaries as the translations are completed.
They have specialized translation reference works enabling them to provide very rapid answers to any linguistic queries you may have.

Freelance translators.

The different languages translated by A.D.T. International

A.D.T. International has built up a very large network of translators covering all possible language combinations. The network is regularly expanded as a result of continuous and selective recruitment. Freelance translators have to pass exacting tests and sign confidentiality agreements. This rigorous selection guarantees a base of qualified translators in all areas (legal, medical, marketing, IT, industrial property, finance, etc.). In order to avoid any lowering of standards, the translators are subject to regular checks and frequent assessments.
The translators have qualifications in translation or engineering and translate only into their native language. Since they specialize in specific areas, they can provide a translation that is perfectly adapted to your field of business.
If you have legal documents which need to be sworn on oath in order to be valid for the relevant authorities, court-registered sworn translators are at your service.

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