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Translator-interpreter with A.D.T. Paris: the ability to convey

A translator-interpreter's job is not that simple. It requires a natural disposition for conveying information in writing or orally. A.D.T. International, a global translation agency, is growing its business in Paris and Marseille. With ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17100: 2015 certification, A.D.T. has become a cornerstone for all kinds of translations the world over.

Translate: use professionals to perfectly convey what your document says

Client contact is essential for A.D.T. International, the Paris translation agencyA bad translation can have serious consequences: key information that is lost prevents what’s been written from being fully understood. With a skilled team specifically trained for all types of translation, A.D.T. has built up a select group of the best professionals to provide the perfect translation for you. The A.D.T. Paris translation agency’s workflow has been designed to provide high quality work: automatic translation is never used, phases of proofreading and checking work are followed, freelance translators are monitored for quality.

Our translators translate only into their mother tongue

We require our translators to be fluent in at least one language and have built up their skill by spending several years living in the countries where they are spoken. They therefore translate from these foreign languages into their mother tongue. A translator conveys information in writing, an interpreter conveys information orally, live. In both cases, they need to have a genuine ability to analyse information they read or hear and be able to express that information in the target language. It is absolutely essential that translators translate into their mother tongue. A professional is familiar with their country’s habits and customs, how sentences are constructed, what is acceptable in their country, and what is not.

Simultaneous or whispered oral interpretations to suit your events

Our translators’ abilities to convey what you need to say means your translated documents or events requiring interpretation remain reliable and professional. Our translators are bilingual and seamlessly switch from one language to another with accuracy. In the case of an oral translation, it is indispensable to maintain the flow of the conversation while providing all the necessary information. To be a translator, it is vital they have a feeling for communication, wanting to convey what’s indicated and the ability to put themselves in the place of the reader or person listening.

Several phases of checks carried out during the translation

A.D.T. has a dedicated proofreading department.Each translated document is checked by a specialised proofreader. Conscious that not getting enough perspective of a project can have serious consequences, knowing how to work in a team and bring everyone’s skills together is important. Translations are needed in all business and industry sectors. From literary translations to technical translations and not forgetting pharmaceutical or legal translations, the scope is vast and we need a professional and experienced team that can handle any request!

Translators, graphic designers, layout artists: a full team for a professional translation

Graphic designers and layout artists work alongside our translator-proofreader teams so that in addition to your documents being accurately translated, their page layout is perfectly suited to the various different languages.

Our graphic designers and layout artists are highly experienced in using all the software your documents use for their design and layout (InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.).

We can therefore get your brochures, inserts, banners and flyers, etc., back to you translated and ready to be printed. This additional work is particularly necessary for bi-directional texts. This obliges the page layout to be completely redesigned and adjusted so it makes perfect sense to readers.

A.D.T. International provides this Desktop Publishing service (DTP) in addition to your translation needs, or independently if your documents are already translated.

Choose which formats you prefer for circulating your translated documents

Whatever the formats you want to use for circulating your translated articles, A.D.T. adapts to all requests, whether they be paper or digital transmission. Increasing your sales, negotiating a contract with another country, submitting your ideas during a meeting: translation doesn't stop with just reading a document! It’s about knowing how to work closely together for an impeccable result, whether it relates to a transaction, an official presentation or other requests.

Check points at each stage

In all cases, and whatever the translation field, our proofreaders carefully check various criteria: grammar, spelling, terminology, and that glossaries and the author’s style have been followed are checked for each project. Dozens of linguistic, terminological and technical checks are carried out at A.D.T. every day. Respecting delivery deadlines is also a priority for each member of our team.

Translation does not just involve one bilingual person! It’s about bringing together an entire team’s skills for you!


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