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Translation agency – Paris-based translation company

Our translators specialize in precise fields

We translate in line with the profession's best practices. Our translators translate exclusively into their native languages, and they specialize in one or several fields. All project follow-up and quality control processes are carried out in-house.

A proofreader and your project manager work together on the quality control of your translations

The languages translated by our translatorsEach translation is submitted to the in-house quality control of A.D.T. International. Project management (translator coordination and client contact) and quality control are carried out in-house. Each project is therefore handled by a project manager whose role is to ensure that however complex a project may be, it's carried out in line with the commitments made to the client and with our own quality criteria.

A.D.T. International is committed to providing a premium service. To do so, we monitor the service quality of each translator, particularly in terms of respect for deadlines and translation quality. Sometimes a single document must be divided for translation between several translators in order to meet a deadline. If that's the case, A.D.T. International will naturally inform the client of this necessity.
Quality control, ensured by our in-house proofreaders, makes it possible to check the quality of the translation provided and its consistency with the linguistic, terminological and technical quality criteria established at the start of the project.

Note: it is important to point out that the quality control process of A.D.T. International does not exempt the translator from proofreading their own work. This proofreading step is an integral part of the translation process, and is a contractual obligation for the translator.

The various translations proposed by the Paris-based translation company A.D.T. International

A translator in full translation of a documentOur translators can provide a wide array of services and therefore provide a full translation that suits its purpose:

  • Website translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Proofreading and revision
  • Video transcription

Whatever the format of the document to be translated – such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, XML, HDML, or directly into your back office, for example – A.D.T. International will provide you with a high-quality translation.

Short turnaround times for ever faster, effective translation

We base our coordination on the assignment of 2,500 unweighted words per day per translator.

Rush jobs and dividing a job among several translators

If a translation is needed urgently (rush translation), we are able to adapt our services to your deadlines, and in particular:

  • by having translators work overnight and/or on weekends;
  • by "taking advantage" of the time difference with our overseas teams;
  • or by using several translators. These translators belong to a pool of professionals who regularly work on your projects and who share equivalent linguistic and technical skills. A single proofreader, who possesses the same skills, will:
    • read all the documents to establish a common glossary for the project launch (you may approve this glossary if you wish)
    • list any pitfalls, unusual vocabulary, and so on
    • provide instructions to ensure consistency among the translators, particularly in terms of the formatting of figures, dates, and other data, and whether or not certain terms, such as product names, are translated
    • act as a coordinator for the translators, answering their questions and sharing the answers with all the other translators involved
    • ensure the uniformity of the final document
    • check the final version before delivery

Our team during his translation workOur clients highlight our "reactiveness and flexibility" among our strong points. We go out of our way to meet all your timeline requirements while remaining clear and straightforward about our methods. In a word, whatever the case, we are committed to respecting the deadlines that you have established, even if they are extremely short. We'll clearly outline the method chosen if the job is urgent.

Language pairs covered by A.D.T. International

Our translation network is sufficiently broad to provide translations into more than 80 languages. We even have the resources necessary to perform a translation from one foreign language into another foreign language.

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