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A dedicated project manager for the best possible translations 

The A.D.T. International translation agency assigns top project managers to your projects to fully meet your expectations

A project manager in the middle of a translation workA.D.T. project managers are recruited for their reactivity, reliability, flexibility, analytical skills and linguistic knowledge. They work as a team and are committed to providing high quality translation services. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your translation project as your main contact. They work in pairs with another project manager as back-up to ensure the smooth management of your project.

Project managers have a master's degree in translation or foreign languages or an equivalent qualification. They analyze your needs, advise you and draw up a quote, and select the translator or translators with the skill set that best suits your request. As your project manager ensures the smooth progression of your project, they are your contact with the translation team.

Contact your project manager at any time if you have a question or would like to make changes to your document. Even after the translation has been delivered and invoiced, they remain available for any feedback on your order, or any new project.

Managing your projects 

Our competent project managers for your translationsEach translation project is managed by a project manager. As your dedicated contact, they will go over things with you like budget, deadlines, the specific subject fields, target audience, page layout, etc.  

Project management includes:

  • supervising the preparation process;
  • assigning translators to the project;
  • assigning proofreaders and, if necessary, expert revisers;
  • assigning graphic designers if the order includes D.T.P.;
  • providing instructions to everyone working on the project;
  • setting up what's required to ensure and check the coherency of the translation;
  • checking the project schedule is on track;
  • delivery formats;
  • invoicing;
  • archiving the file.

Project managers during their brainstormingThe preparation phase includes administrativetechnical and linguistic tasks required for each translation project

The project manager reviews the source texts and your requests before launching any new project. Every project is given a reference number and the various stages of each project are planned with due dates. 

Appropriate in-house and external resources are allocated in line with your contract, and all the necessary technical and processing tasks are carried out prior to the start of the translation

In particular, these include:  

  • preparing the file for use with translation software known as Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. This sophisticated software should not to be confused with machine translation like Google Translate. CAT tools assist with terminology continuity and reducing costs and time spent on the project.
  • creating style sheets if necessary;
  • obtaining the necessary fonts (for D.T.P. projects);
  • collecting and preparing reference documents and glossaries

Before final delivery, your project manager will confirm that the service provided is as expected and then invoice the project.

Your project manager is your designated contact if you have any questions.

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