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  • Providing professional translation and interpretation services since 1993

    A.D.T. is the ideal partner for all your linguistic projects

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  • Providing professional translation and interpretation services since 1993

    A.D.T. is the ideal partner for all your linguistic projects

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Interpretation and Translation Agency in Rennes

With 400,000 inhabitants, actors of local economic dynamics, it’s natural that our translation agency decided to set up in Rennes. A.D.T. supports all companies, from SME to international groups, for all their linguistic needs, in particular those specialised in digital technology areas.

Our translation services in Rennes

Our translation agency in Rennes also provides its linguistic services in the following specialist fields:

Our translation agency in Rennes provides quality professional translations

ISO 9001 certification in Rennes ISO 17100 certification in Rennes

A.D.T. has double quality certification ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Where to find us:

Our agency has been set up a short distance from the town centre, 3 metro stations from the TGV station, less than 15 minutes from the airport with direct access to the Nantes-Paris-Brest express lane.
The agency provides you with a highly representative address at the heart of all communications.

Access to our translation agency in Rennes


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107 avenue Henri Fréville
CS 10704
35207 RENNES Cedex 2
Tel: +33 (0)2 99 26 81 21
email : rennes@adt-international.com

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Why open a translation agency in Rennes?

Rennes has more than 216,000 inhabitants, which makes it the most populated Breton town and in second place in the whole of the French West. This connected metropolitan area doesn’t hesitate in having a considerable budget for innovation and digital development. Digital promotes the creation of 1000 jobs per year in this city which counts more than 73 companies in a business incubator and 140 business parks.

Based in Paris, A.D.T. International extends its reach to meet the requirements of clientele all over France. Rennes’ constant evolution and its tendency to adopt digital uses are prime opportunities for the company. Skills of translators who master their mother tongue perfectly are therefore accessible for the people of Rennes. The translation agency in Rennes takes on all your linguistic projects. Ask us to translate your website content, your administrative documents, patents and legal documents. If you’d like a quality translation service in Rennes, contact us! Rigor is key for A.D.T. for every step of your project. This means thorough quality checks of text so they retain the original meaning while adjusting to the target country’s language. The human and technical means required for your project are implemented to respect the agreed deadlines.  The translation agency based in Rennes thus enables you to enjoy its teams’ responsiveness and ability to anticipate, two assets that enable us to adjust your documents to your priorities. A.D.T. undertakes translations in more than 80 languages: we also have the necessary resources to undertake translations from one foreign language to another.

A.D.T. translation available throughout France:

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