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  • Providing professional translation and interpretation services since 1993

    A.D.T. is the ideal partner for all your linguistic projects

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  • Providing professional translation and interpretation services since 1993

    A.D.T. is the ideal partner for all your linguistic projects

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Interpretation and Translation Agency in Bordeaux

Our translation agency is located in a business park in Bordeaux, which forms a dynamic hub of the Bordeaux region, to support you in your commercial development.

Our translators help you cross borders by translating all your sales, legal and financial documents, to make your import-export processes easier and help develop your business abroad.

Our translation services in Bordeaux

Our translation agency in Bordeaux also provides its linguistic services in the following specialist fields:

Our translation agency in Bordeaux provides quality professional translations

Our ISO 9001 certification The Bordeaux translation agency has ISO 17100 certification

A.D.T. has double quality certification ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Where to find us:

Our agency is located in the Mérignac business centre, by the west ring road and is 5 minutes from Bordeaux Mérignac airport.

Map of the translation agency in Bordeaux


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3 Rue du Golf
Parc Innolin CS 60073
33701 Mérignac Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)5 64 34 75 15 08
email : bordeaux@adt-international.com

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An translation agency in Bordeaux with A.D.T. International

The Bordeaux metropolitan area is South-west France’s entrepreneurial capital, and known for its impetus. Companies are constantly being set up in Bordeaux and it has become the city’s main strength. As they are conscious of how important it is to understand what foreign competition’s content says, like a website, video or document, Bordeaux companies turn to the services of a translation expert. With many years of experience in translation, the A.D.T. translation agency has a site in Bordeaux. Bordeaux has a considerable employment basin with its 750,000 inhabitants and 28 communes, making it stand apart from other French cities. Bordeaux has formed a philosophy that focuses on welcoming new companies and their set-up, and encourages contact with international companies – which leads to a need for translation. The A.D.T. translation agency in Bordeaux, an expert in the sector, translates varying documents in broad fields, such as finance, legal, commercial or marketing. A.D.T. is a company of professionals, and works with linguistic specialists in the quality control process that checks your document translations before delivery.

Are you looking to contribute a positive element to developing and moving your project forward by focusing on effective communication? The A.D.T. translation agency provides a service for you to optimise your information by translating your brochures, website and sub-titling your videos. Whatever your document, or its format (XML, Word, Excel, HDML, PDF or PowerPoint), the translation agency provides you with a quality traduction.

A.D.T. translation available throughout France:

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