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The A.D.T. International translation agency in Paris

The A.D.T. translation agency, an international expert in translation

An A.D.T. translator proofreadingDo you have a project that you want to develop in one or more languages, or do you just want to have a document translated: this is what a translation agency is for.

When you want to develop a multilingual project or have a document translated, using a translation agency is ideal as it will take care of translating it for you and according to its requirements.

Choosing A.D.T. International is the guarantee of a quality job: whether the project is simple or complex, whether it needs to be done urgently or not, everything is executed so you receive a quality service within the given deadline. This is why our translation agency gives great importance to the choice of translators and interpreters, in Paris.Every project has its own specific requirements and therefore takes specific skills. Each project is checked to guarantee a maximum level of quality and consistency.

The A.D.T. International translation agency in Paris is skilled in various areas of expertise. We select our translators and interpreters according to strict criteria so you can ask us for any kind of translation, whatever the nature of the text (legal, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, patent, website, etc.)

Our translation agency and work methods

Our translation agency groups together different roles (sales reps, project managers, translators, etc.) so we can assist you in how you want to go about your project in the best possible way. Each of them will have a specific task enabling your requirement and translation project to be to be best understood and met.

This starts with a sales rep who will be your primary contact and who will follow your contracts, from drawing up the quotation until the project is delivered. They are attentive to your request and will take note of everything necessary to propose to you the best offer, taking into account your personal requirements and the nature of your project.

The project manager will then work together with the sales rep. They will advise the sales rep on the technical points while the quotation is being drawn up, then take over from them when you have approved the project. They are in charge of choosing the most capable translator(s) to undertake your project and will be the point of contact between you and the translation team. While your project is being planned, you can contact them at any moment if you wish to make any changes or ask any questions.

Your project or document to translate is handed over to one of our agency’s translation teams. This team includes qualified translator-proofreaders who only work into their mother tongue. They are also obliged to maintain professional confidentiality for all of your translation projects.

With the aim of best meeting your requirements, the translators are specialised in one or more areas of expertise.

Graphic designers are also available to work on your project. If you’d like to present your document in a particular way that requires a specific software, we are also able to do this. All you need to do is send us the source layout and our team will undertake to adapt your document into a new language.

As managing your project is our priority, we guarantee to be prompt in analysing your request and proposing solutions. In addition, all the instructions you give us will be respected (referring to a glossary, references or specific page layout, etc.).

The A.D.T. translation agency and its different translation services

Correcting a translationIf you need to translate a document, a project, the A.D.T. International translation agency provides quality translation services for you. To do so we have established a complete translation process. This starts by selecting highly skilled translators. Each of them are fully qualified and undergo thorough testing in their areas of expertise in order to guarantee the best possible translation of your document. This allows us to choose the most suitable translator(s) for your project who is qualified in your specific subject. When the translation is finished it is passed onto a proofreader who checks the translation’s quality before the work is delivered to you.

Throughout the process, one of the agency’s project managers ensures the project goes smoothly, from the simplest task to the most complex, in order to respect the undertaking to the client.

Do you need an interpreter? You can contact our interpretation service to arrange an interpreter for your assignments abroad or in France. Just like our translator-proofreaders, our interpreters are qualified to meet your needs. They have graduated from well-known schools and are specialised in specific subjects. Thanks to their experience, they are able to provide a quality service for you.

This service can be useful for business meetings, conferences, conventions and other situations that become much more complicated when you don't understand the other person's language. Each situation is unique and therefore requires a specific service, which is why our translation agency provides different types of interpretation services for you.

Our translation agency and its CAT service

A CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool to optimise costs and turnaround times. When you submit a large document to translate, it is highly likely that some sentences will be often repeated. CAT recognises these sentences and repeats the original translation. This service allows consistency to be maintained, while optimising turnaround times and costs.

Despite what may be thought, this is not machine translation. The translator controls every step of the process and checks the continuity of translations suggested by the CAT tool. Computer Assisted Translation enables sentences that have been repeated and already translated to be identified thanks to a computer interface, which saves on time and cost.

Our translation agency has a DTP service.

A DTP (Desk-Top Publishing) service has been set up to provide an even higher level of precision and skills. If you need a particular page layout for your document, you can ask us to provide it. We can provide graphic designers to work on your projects, who are skilled in advanced software. This service allows us to meet your request even more precisely: whether its for the page layout, designing a model, a database or touching up photos, the A.D.T. International DTP service is qualified and prepared to meet your requirements.

All we need is the source file so as to serve as the base for our team.

All these services are provided so we can guarantee the best outcome for your project. Thanks to our experts’ advice and expertise, you’ll be directed towards the most suitable and high quality solution for your project.

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