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A.D.T. International is an expert in liaison and whispered interpretation

A team of interpreters for your needsA.D.T. International can provide professional interpreters for all your interpretation needs. An interpreter is the link between two cultures. They generally intervene when people need to discuss things together. They are trained to convey ideas from one language to another effectively and precisely.

The distinction must be made between interpretation and translation. An interpreter speaks whereas a translator writes. If you work with written documents, you will need a translator whereas if you want to communicate directly with people who speak another language, you will need an interpreter.

We provide professional interpreters to help you during your negotiations. They will enable you to get what you want to say across and pick up of the subtleties of what the person you are speaking with is saying. There are different types of interpretation:

  • Liaison interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous or conference interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation

What is liaison interpretation

Liaison interpretation is organised for meetings in small groups: for sales negotiations, an interview, debate or informal discussions for example, with interpreting short deliveries.

An interpretation is termed “liaison” when the interpreter intervenes alone between several people during an individual approach: for example when hiring someone, a dismissal, an individual interview, buying property, etc. This kind of interpretation requires great skill and experience. The person speaking has to pause every two or three sentences to allow the interpreter to intervene, and convey what they said.

As you’ve seen, the liaison interpretation service of A.D.T. International will allow you to provide the liaison between two parties who do not speak the same language. Liaison interpretation is generally preferred for meetings or negotiations in small groups, between a maximum of four to five people so the session runs smoothly and can be understood. For situations with more people, simultaneous interpretation would be preferred.

Business is the main situation where liaison interpretation is used. The interpreters have excellent knowledge of the languages they work with and will translate what each person says to each other. An interpreter’s quality and experience is indeed very important as an interpreter lacking experience or qualifications may provide inaccurate translations and interpretations during negotiations. With the Paris-based translation and interpretation agency A.D.T. International you have the opportunity to work with interpreters who are both qualified and recognised internationally for their experience!

It should be taken into account that, as for all interpretation services, it is preferable that the interpreter receives prior information about the assignment (reference documents for example), or has even discussed the proceedings with the client. This is because the assignment’s success depends on the interpreter being familiar with the subject (meeting subject, company negotiating, client sector).

What is whispered interpretation?

An interpreter who provides this service assists one or two people during a meeting, event or visit. They ensure that what is said is interpreted “simultaneously”*, by speaking quietly standing by the clients, and in “liaison” when these people take turns in speaking.

A.D.T. International, a company recognised in the interpretation and translation field does everything to provide a quality whispered interpretation. We ensure that the participants for whom whispered translation is being provided and the interpreter are seated near the speaker. This means the interpreter can therefore easily hear what is being said in the original language. If the situation requires a small group of people to be present, the interpreter must be located far away enough from the negotiation so that when they are speaking the participants are not distracted.

Certain points must also be taken into consideration:

  • The sound of the interpreter whispering can disturb the other participants.
  • *A whispered interpretation is a summary of what is said and is not the same as a “simultaneous interpretation” without technical equipment.
  • Whispered interpretation must be limited to a maximum of two participants around each interpreter.

Liaison interpreters are considered to be translators/interpreters

Means implemented to undertake your interpretationsTranslators/interpreters are translation professionals with specific knowledge in a given field. They specialise in written translation and interpretation. It is not as important for a liaison interpretation to be given as fast as a simultaneous translation, but it can be more pleasant in certain situations. Working with liaison translators is preferable during small meetings where how fast the translation is given as not as essential. These meetings do not require simultaneous or consecutive translation spoken out loud in front of an audience.

Liaison interpretation is organised for meetings of small groups of people, such as job interviews, individual interviews, etc. Other situations where this kind of interpretation may be preferred are:

  • business meetings
  • visits of a delegation
  • a company visit
  • a factory visit
  • to assist during a business trip
  • bargaining
  • negotiating a contract, a sale

Recognised and qualified interpreters for a successful interpretation

A.D.T. International provides qualified liaison interpreters recognised the world over. In fact, Paris-based translation and interpretation agency A.D.T. International is one of the leaders on the world translation and interpretation market.

The interpreter’s responsibility is very important in many situations. Let’s take the case of interpreting a negotiation. An agreement can fail due to a mistake (for example an error in a price or clause). Other sensitive situations might be oral examinations, job interviews, etc. A bad interpretation and translation during this type of situations can have certain consequences. A.D.T. International, ensures you have quality interpretations in any area!

Contact A.D.T. International if you need a liaison (or whispered) interpretation

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