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Simultaneous and conference interpretation by A.D.T. International

The A.D.T. International interpretation company Paris can provide professional interpreters for all your interpretation needs. We have a network of 2,500 translators and interpreters who are all specialists in a particular field. They have interpretation qualifications, and sometimes a second qualification in their specialist field. When new interpreters apply to A.D.T., we contact other clients they have worked for to find out how satisfied they were with their service.

There are different types of interpretation:

  • Liaison or whispered interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous or conference interpretation

What is simultaneous interpretation?

The A.D.T. International teamAs the name indicates, during conference interpretation, the interpreter listens, reflects, translates and speaks at the same time as the speaker. Simultaneous interpretation requires extreme concentration, and therefore at least two professionals need to be present in the booth to take turns in providing the interpretation at the microphone every 20 to 30 minutes.

This technique is based on using technical equipment specifically for simultaneous interpretation. The interpreters are in a sound-proofed booth and listen to the speakers only through their headsets so that any ambient noise does not disturb their concentration. The interpretation is transmitted to the participants via headsets with infrared receptors which give them the possibility of selecting the language they want to listen to.

The interpreter, who is in the booth, must also do some preparation in advance – and, if possible, get the speeches and documents that are sometimes written in advance. It is recommended to have two interpreters in the booth. Television interpretation remains the most difficult because it requires maximum linguistic skills, but also good responsiveness and to be very sharp-minded.

However certain points must be taken into consideration:

  • Enough space must be allowed for the interpretation booths. The dimensions of a booth are 1.60 x 1.60 m or 1.80 x 1.80 m for bigger models.
  • All speakers must use a microphone because the booths are soundproofed and the sound is only transmitted by the technical equipment. The interpreters therefore cannot hear anything if the speaker does not use a microphone.
  • One essential aspect of conference interpreters’ work lies in preparing text by using reference documents provided by the conference organiser (programme, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, slides, publications, etc.).

Professional interpreters for quality simultaneous interpretations

The Paris interpreter company A.D.T. International provides professional interpreters for you who are qualified in interpretation and specialised in their fields of expertise: industry, finance, legal, medical, etc. We are committed to providing an interpreter for you who will know how to convey a message to your target audience.

Simultaneous interpretation is a demanding service, which is why we provide professional and experienced interpreters for such assignments. The interpreters must be skilled to translate the speech given in the target language all while listening to and understanding the sentences spoken afterwards. Sharp-mindedness and concentration are therefore key elements as the right words must be found instantly.

Whatever your needs may be, we provide a service for you that suits your needs, where the presentation takes place and whatever the linguistic combination may be.

A.D.T. International provides the equipment needed for your interpretation requests

A.D.T. International can also provide you with the equipment and technical assistance needed for the interpretation assignment. As it happens, technical equipment is needed for simultaneous interpretation. Professionals advise you in choosing the equipment needed for your assignment and meet your logistical needs so you have the best result. We provide: 

  • The interpretation booth: to benefit from a quality simultaneous interpretation, the booth must have perfect acoustic insulation.  We have chosen the Audipack booth which meets all professional standards. It is fitted with a Bosch interpretation system, for perfect interpretation quality.
  • The infrared system: when the speakers speak in different languages, during conferences or symposiums for example, infrared broadcasting provides appreciable comfort for participants. The system allows them to choose the language they want using a receiver and headset.
  • The speaker’s micro: the speaker’s micro is the perfect device for interactive meetings (round tables, board meetings, etc.). Adding a simultaneous interpretation system means perfect presentation when presenters speak and participants listen.
  • Guided tour: out in the field, the interpreters use the Tourguide which enables simultaneous interpretation while on the move thanks to a portable radio transmitter and audio headsets for participants. It is recommended for short whispered assignments in with small numbers of people.

We’re always looking to meet as best as possible the requirements of our clients and various organisations and associations directly concerned by simultaneous interpretation. This is why we stay up to date with manufacturers and their latest technological innovations.

We are exclusively equipped with the latest generation equipment for simultaneous interpretation: Integrus and Bosch DCN NG system. 

Contact A.D.T. International to book a simultaneous interpretation

We guarantee a highly responsive service. There are two ways you can contact us and ask for a quote:

  • Ask for a quote online. It’s the easiest solution to get a fast estimate for your project. Our teams will send you a full and detailed quote.
  • Ask for us to call you. Our teams will be happy to call you to answer your questions and study your needs in depth. We then undertake to send you a detailed quote within the hour.
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