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Quality translation by the A.D.T. agency

Translation quality is crucial and important

A.D.T. International is a quality translation agency established in France. Our company has double ISO certification. Our work methods for managing and checking your translation projects, in addition to our translation quality, have enabled us to obtain certification by two external quality control organisations. Our translation quality is the most important thing.

Without quality, we do not have a place in this field

An A.D.T. translator provides their translationsWhat most people consider to be translation is very different to the services our translation agency provides for you. Translation is not just about replacing words. Many factors are taken into account when producing a quality translation.

First of all, each language has its own grammatical rules and syntax plus other rules to be followed, which can vary between each place the language is spoken. For example, the Spanish spoken in Spain, is not the same as the Spanish spoken in Mexico. This is also the case for French spoken in Paris, Montréal, Belgium and Switzerland for example. The language is very similar, but each has its own aspects: the accent is different, the pronunciation of certain words is too, as well as everyday expressions and other language norms (and misuses).

The real difference in professional translation

As you’ve seen, there can be several differences and distinctive characteristics within one language. This is why it’s important to use professional translators to translate your official or professional documents. Our translators are selected according to strict criteria and they must meet specific requirements for our translation agency. These translators translate only into their mother tongue, from a language they are expert in. They specialise in a particular subject, so they can translate any term relating to it. This specialisation, along with our requirements and quality control methods, produces excellent results for which we’re known. You can find out more on this subject in one of our recent publications: an article on why professional translation is useful.

Our methods and quality controls

We do a quality check of your translationsWe place great importance on our methods and procedures. The same level of importance, rigour and control is given to each of our projects. Our quality control methods are strict and not optional to avoid any translation mishaps and mistakes.

Firstly, the translation team in charge of your project will check that the translation is accurate as well as checking its quality (in line with the context and elements impacting the vocabulary used). This step corrects any minor mistakes there may be. Then, the translations are sent to the proofreaders, who also check their quality. The proofreader is also chosen according to their mother tongue and specialist subject. Finally, the project manager checks the entirety of the project and takes care of sending you all the your project's translated elements. If you have any other questions regarding our work process and its quality, please feel free to read the article describing each step or to contact us directly.

An amateur translation may seem practical, fast and helpful for your personal and official documents, but some documents require analysis, monitoring and a professional translation. Others even need an official translation, known as a certified or sworn translation.

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