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The translation agency
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Proofreading and revising your translations

Competent translators/proofreaders for your translations

Would you like to publish a document that you have written in a foreign language but you want to check that it reads like a native would have written it? You've translated a document but you're not a translator?

Our translators/proofreaders can proofreadrevise, adapt and rewrite documents you've translated yourself.

Proofreading concentrates on spelling, grammar and syntax. If the source text is available we also check for mistranslations. This service enables you to check the linguistic precision of your documents.

Your Paris-based translation agency ensures you high-quality translations

Our translators/proofreaders are trustworthy, as are our quality control methods. Our proofreaders only correct texts 
written in their native languages and in their field of specialization.

Our quality commitment, certified by the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 standards, ensures that what we deliver meets your expectations.