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Procedure for the recruitment of translators

Our recruitment methods for our translators

A.D.T. guarantees that documents entrusted to it will be translated only by qualified and experienced translators. Our principles have remained unchanged since the company was formed: each translator translates into his or her native language and works in his or her area of specialization. Most translators are graduates of translation schools and comply with professional codes of ethics.
A.D.T. attaches particular importance to the translator’s area of specialization and flexibility. As a result, our translators comply with the specific terminology of the document to be translated and are able to meet the deadlines specified by the client.

Curriculum vitae

We recruit our translators on the basis of their CV and profile. We pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Working languages
    • This criterion means indirectly that we select our translators on the basis of their nationality, or at least their country of origin. They must work only into their native language.
  • Training
    • Translators must hold a translation qualification from the ESIT or ISIT or other translation colleges in France, or the equivalent in other countries. They may also hold an additional qualification in a specific field.
  • Specializations
    • We require prospective translators to give precise details of their areas of specialization and the context in which they have acquired their technical knowledge.
  • Experience
    • Experience is crucial in the assessment and selection of a translator. As well as the acquisition of technical expertise, experience demonstrates the translator’s ability to adapt responsively to the demands of each business.
  • Equipment
    • As a minimum we require all our translators to be fully conversant with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Human resource database

Quality control is very important for A.D.T.A.D.T. maintains a database containing full professional information on its translators. A quality assessment is recorded in their file for each translation they undertake for us.

Translation test

Prospective translators are always required to complete a translation test in order to obtain an objective assessment. The test is assessed against the terms of our quality charter set out above. We also pay particularly close attention to the first assignments completed by the translator. Thereafter we check each translation against the specified quality criteria. The translators are thereby continuously monitored and reassessed if necessary.

Relations between translators and project managers

As in all long-term professional activity, relationships based on trust and understanding are built up between the translators and our company. These often rely on the quality of human relationships and may become selection criteria if a translation request demands a particular level of productivity or attentiveness on the part of the translators. We also place an emphasis on fulfilling our commitments to translators in terms of rates and payment terms.

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