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A.D.T. International: a multi-expertise, global, sworn translation agency

Several areas of expertise have enabled A.D.T. to establish itself on the translation market. As a company, A.D.T. provides multilingual translation and interpretation services, and is legally sworn for any project.

Our translation agency guarantees the quality of your translation and interpretation projects

An A.D.T. translator translating a documentThe ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards establish quality assurance and our methods of checking your translations guarantee that what we deliver has been undertaken seriously and impeccably. 
A whole team works on each translation project, which includes:

  • Business managers: they are your main contacts. They propose the most suitable package for your project and act as the connection between you and the project managers responsible for your translations/interpretations.
  • Project managers: they are responsible for your project. They have translation qualifications or their equivalent. They are rigorous and manage their teams (translators, proofreaders, graphic designers) so your project results in the best outcome.
  • Translators: A.D.T. International is a global translation agency that has built up a network of translators who can translate into the languages of many countries around the world, and who provide an exceptional level of quality. Our translators translate into their mother tongue in order to provide an impeccable translation for you.
  • Graphic designers: we also have a DTP service. Our graphic designers adapt your communication projects for your international campaigns.

Our network of legally sworn translators also contributes to our services. All are highly experienced which enables them to manage any of your projects perfectly.

A broad range of services for translating all your documents

Translation of text, documents, DTP (Desktop Publishing), interpretation services and more, A.D.T. International has established itself on the translation market thanks to the full commitment it makes to each project it undertakes.

We are particularly specialised in technical translations. For professionals who wish to branch out internationally, we provide standard and legally sworn translations that are among the most comprehensive and serious. This has meant that private companies and public organisations in all business sectors are confident in choosing us for their business.

Pharmaceutical and medical translation

Translation in the pharmaceutical and medical fields is essential for some of our clients. We have undertaken thousands of projects in the past 20 years for pharmaceutical heavyweights. Technical documents (for example patient information leaflets for medicines), websites, advertisements… We are capable of supporting you in your project, whether you are in the private or public sector. We have many references in the medical and pharmaceutical fields: the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Lilly France (which has been working with us for more than 10 years) or the Bayer Group (110,000 employees, €31 billion in turnover in 2009).

A.D.T. International also provides translations for major skincare and beauty brands, such as Clarins. Not only do we provide quality for your translations, but also advice and assistance throughout your project.

Legal translation

We are contacted regularly for legal cases at European or international level. To prepare pleas, court cases or other legal action, we are asked to translate all kinds of documents. We are also contacted from time to time to provide interpretations for hearings where the parties do not speak the same language. This is the case during legal proceedings for major groups with international department managers. Legal translation is a specialist field where we feel particularly at ease, which enables us to provide quality translations.

Financial translation

Banks and insurance companies also regularly require our financial translation services. Société Générale, AXA, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Crédit Agricole… All have asked us to provide translations of their technical documents, financial accounts, management software and to manage their international projects.

IT translation

A website is key for a company to communicate effectively. In order to heighten this, developing an international communication campaign is highly useful. A.D.T. International provides its translation services for your websites. If your website is multilingual (in several languages) it allows you to reach a greater number of customers and therefore increase your contracts. As it happens, it has been proven that someone browsing the internet is 3 times more likely to buy a service or product online when it is provided in their language. In addition, translating your websites is useful for your company’s SEO referencing (positioning). Translated, your website will gain in search engine visibility and see visitor numbers increase. We take meticulous care when translating websites to guarantee impeccable translations with international development in mind.

Urgent document translation

Sometimes things come up that prove to be a challenge for you especially if you have to manage an international project in a limited amount of time. As a leading agency in international translation, this is a case where we come into our own and voluntarily apply our expertise to extreme cases. Our Parisian translation agency has therefore set up a translation service to provide urgent translations for you in record time. Our translation quality is of paramount importance to us, which is why the full A.D.T. quality guarantee is always respected, in addition to legally sworn translations, even with short turnaround times.

Telephone us directly if you need an urgent translation. After you’ve explained what’s at stake and the circumstances in which you need an urgent translation, we will give you a quotation and get your translation underway as soon as we receive your documents.

Become a professional translator for A.D.T. International, the Parisian translation agency

With ambitions worthy of an international translation company, we are always looking for translators around the world. Whether you're a proofreader, graphic designer, translator, interpreter, project manager, graphic designer or business manager, we're interested in your skills so feel free to send us your CV and cover letter.

We’ll look at your application, then, following tests to check your skills and abilities, if you seem to be a good fit, we ask you to join our network where you can further your career and make an active contribution to its growth.

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