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Medical and pharmaceutical translation: the perfect mastery of technical terms

Multilingual translation is a complex art that requires not just perfect mastery of the language, but a total understanding of the subject and knowledge of the customs of the country as well. The translator must also take into account the register required by the client, according to the target audience and type of document to be delivered (internal communication, wide circulation publication, press review or technical documents, for example).

A skilled team, for high quality professional translations

The translation of a medical documentA.D.T. International, a Paris-based translation agency, specializes in official translations and has capabilities in a wide range of areas. To meet needs that are just as varied, we have a network of more than 2,500 translators, who are evaluated and selected according to two criteria: their native language and their specialist area. Our translators have a qualification in their specialist area, as well as a qualification in translation.

Medical translation: the complex task of communication

At the very heart of its team, A.D.T. is able to bring together translators specializing in each industry to fulfil the needs of the translation requests we receive. Medical translation, legal translation, business translation, and also technical conversion of a website into a foreign language, are some of the common requests in our sector.  Each team specializes in its own particular area to fulfil these requests. Need a medical translation? Our specialist translators in the medical field will meet your needs.

Medical jargon is sometimes difficult to understand

Medical terminology can sometimes be very difficult to understand. The instruction leaflet for a medication, for example, often requires medical knowledge to analyse the ingredient description, the dosage or the side effects. It is therefore vital to turn to professionals for medical translation.

No automatic translation software!

The pharmaceutical and medical sectors each have their own unique differences and require an in-depth knowledge of each technical term. A.D.T. International is a professional translation agency, and we never use automatic translation. This would cause a huge amount of errors, which would be a real risk for public health!

Real health risks with unreliable translation 

The realization of a pharmaceutical translationThe consequences of a bad translation of medical terms could be catastrophic. That’s why we take particular care when it comes to the translation of procedures, publication of marketing authorizations, product features summaries, instruction leaflets, clinical studies, reimbursement methods, toxicity studies, etc. It is absolutely essential to call on a team that is able to translate this specialized, scientific terminology. What’s more, some translators need to have both medical expertise and the skills of a legal translator, and be able to switch between the two. In this way, we ensure that medical expertise translations are perfectly consistent with the original document.

The target language: the native language of the translator

A.D.T. International translators translate only into their native language. For example, a Japanese translator will only translate into Japanese and never from Japanese into another language. This means that the requested translations will always meet your expectations.

The importance of translating medical documents with your Paris translation agency

We translate medical documents on a daily basis. Whether it's a procedure, a marketing authorization declaration, a product features summary, an instruction leaflet or a clinical study, our specialist translators have the required medical knowledge to provide you with a translation that fully meets your expectations.

A confidentiality clause is provided for your medical translations

As with all our translations, we guarantee the confidentiality of your medical and pharmaceutical documents. It's to protect your data, but also due to an ethical concern for proper translation. It's important to point this out, as we manage numerous projects that are subject to professional confidentiality, especially in the medical field. If needed, we can provide you with a certificate of confidentiality.

To be a medical or pharmaceutical translator is a profession in its own right, this regulated and highly qualified work requiring full commitment to carry it out. If you have any needs in this area, please click here to contact us.

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