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Legal translation by our Paris-based agency

A translation agency specializing in multiple areas, A.D.T. International provides legal translations for all your contracts, articles of incorporation, judgements, statements of account, T&Cs and any other contractual or legal documents.

For all your legal translation projects, A.D.T. International has legal translation experts to take on your projects.

A team of legal translators

We choose translators specialized in legalTo ensure reliable and high quality legal translations, it’s important to entrust your translation projects to a team of professionals specializing in law. Legal translation is particularly complex, since there are significant differences in law from one country to another. The quality of a legal translation depends on the choice of translator, which is why A.D.T International offers you qualified legal translators, who have a lot of experience and translate only into their native language. A legal translation into English, for example, requires meticulous work and in-depth knowledge. That's why we work with sworn translators for your projects, to guarantee the translation is correct and true to your original document. It also gives you the utmost confidence, and you can rest assured that your documents are treated confidentially. Our translators will carry out all the necessary research in terms of contractual methodology, legal terms, and nuances of language and law.

Different types of legal translation

Thanks to their training in the field of law and their experience in legal terminology, our translators will be able to meet your translation needs for the following documents:

notarized agreements, acts of succession, certificates, transfer of shares, joint ventures, general terms and conditions, contracts (leases, partnership agreements, sales contracts, employment contracts, distribution contracts, general commercial contracts), letters, statements, authorization documents, judicial records, commercial invoices, tax forms, letters of intent, legal release, legal notices, work permits, complaints, arbitration awards, company status, company registration details, legal texts (judgements, decisions, official journal), company transformation, etc.

Contact the A.D.T. International translation agency

Do you need a legal translation into English, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese or any other language? Contact the A.D.T. International Paris-based translation agency now.

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