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Legal, medical, pharmaceutical, patent and website translation

The team of A.D.T. translatorsA.D.T. International is a worldwide translation and interpretation agency, which also acts locally in the Paris and Marseille areas.

An unparalleled and comprehensive service for many oral or written translations in all fields and all language combinations.

Steps for translating an official technical text

Working as a translator requires various skills.

Each of our translators has carved out their niche in terms of what they specialise in and their strengths. They all have one thing in common though: the target language is always the mother tongue of the translator or interpreter. This is a fundamental point, which guarantees that what is conveyed is perfectly suited to the country in question. And that’s easy to understand: you don't need to read much to be able to tell when something’s been badly translated, which could be a problem with the syntax or words that don't flow and aren’t natural.

A.D.T. translation company in Paris: certified and specialist translations

There are many needs for translation today, which apply to various fields. We therefore consider it important to work with professional teams that specialise in a field to respond to all the international requests we receive each day:

Working in your native language for a perfect sworn translation

In addition to general translation services, A.D.T. International has all the necessary tools to be able to translate all types of official documents (birth certificates, court rulings, diplomas, agreements, contracts, etc.) that need to be legally sworn to be accepted by the target country. The same applies as for other translations. The translator must have thorough knowledge of the country’s language and know the relevant technical terms for each profession inside-out. However the translator also commits their liability by certifying that the translation is true to the original by putting their stamp and signature on it. The translation then has the same legal value as the source document.

For legal translators: sworn in by the Court of Appeal or the court

Also note that, particularly in the legal field, translators can be sworn in by the Court of Appeal or the court. A legal basis recognised by all legal services as a validation of the translation provided by the translator, and its recognition by legal, financial or administrative authorities.

Checks at each stage of the translation

There can be serious consequences to a bad translation, particularly when it relates to public health! A medicine's side effects being badly translated in the foreign language could have serious consequences for consumers! To avoid that, we entrust each new precise request to the department qualified to carry it out. Each step of the translation that then follows is carried out in an extremely precise way, with external and in-house procedures to check each document.

Financial translation is complex

With the same idea and demanding nature, the financial sector also requires specialist knowledge. The extent to which translation is a complex yet essential art is commonly underestimated! It’s like your financial newspaper, meticulous work goes into producing the pages you read. A.D.T. pays attention to making sure each translated document reads smoothly and the essence is not lost. It’s about precisely knowing each country’s financial and fiscal particularities.

Give your website international reach!

Whether it’s legislation, or patents, but also the translation of a website to maximise your international sales, A.D.T.’s key aim is to provide carefully translated documents in keeping with the country’s customs. And to do that they need to be known and taken into consideration! A translator translating into their native language  therefore seems essential to us to guarantee that the translation is accurate from start to finish.

Translation and interpretation: conveying what you need in writing or orally

We also make a commitment to meet deadlines and deliver your translated documents when expected. We know that your translation is often needed towards the end of your projects, and that we should be particularly responsive in proposing our best turnaround times. We have therefore put procedures in place that enable us to respond to all your expectations. We can also use couriers to deliver your sworn legal translations as fast as possible.

We provide readily available interpreters who will come to your premises to provide a precise and simultaneous interpretation during your meetings. A.D.T. leads a team with varied, specialist expertise, to provide translations and interpretations that are always carried out with great care and professionalism.

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