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A.D.T. International, leading translation company in France

Translators at A.D.T. InternationalThe A.D.T. International translation company is your translation partner around the world. It has a wide offer that can meet all your linguistic needs, and we assist you with any kind of project, from the simplest to the longest and most detailed. We oversee the quality of the services we offer; our translators’ rigour and skills have enabled us to build up an international reputation and in turn secure contracts with major companies. Our ISO certifications prove that we pursue and appreciate good work.

Translation agency in France; based in Paris and Marseille

The history of A.D.T. International, the translation agency recognised around the world, started in France. In 1993, the ART International agency was established in Paris then created the subsidiary Abbaye Traductions. Between 2002 and 2008, the translation agency bought out several translation agencies and consultancies (seven interpretationweb translation and graphic design companies amongst others), to have the resources to satisfy the significant number of projects coming in.

Our translation offices in France are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.30pm. Our requirements regarding translation quality, project management and monitoring are the same for all our translation offices. This cohesion is what has allowed our translation company to develop so quickly on the international scene.

Translation and interpretation are the core of our profession, but have been joined by several new types of projects that were not envisaged several decades ago. App or website localisation, hiring professional interpretation equipment, various graphic design projects, film and series subtitling or audio transcription… We have been able to react faced with the advent of this new era in professional translation, by recruiting new employees specialised in these new methods. This has enabled us to maintain our place among the leaders of professional translation and provide a full range of services.

The A.D.T. International translation company's professional translators 

Translators chosen according to your project

A team working on a translationOur translation company is mainly known for the quality of its professional translations as well as the wide offer it provides. But providing a wide range of services would not be fruitful if their quality did not match. This is why our professional translation company has decided to create dedicated teams according to the type of project. Our agencies are divided into several departments where everyone has a designated role. Sales reps, project managers, graphic designers, translators and proofreaders, each specialised in a service. Translations are diverse and varied. For example, a certified translation does not have the same challenges as a classic translation, patent translation or localisation. We have therefore set up different teams depending on the service requested. This specialisation allows us to excel in each project as the team in charge of it is perfectly skilled and experienced in carrying it out.

In addition, our translatorsproofreaders or anyone else that may work on your project is chosen according to their mother tongue. This is one of our main requirements. For us, carrying out a professional translation into a language that is not the translator’s mother tongue is inconceivable.

A professional quality translation for all your projects

The stakes of professional translation are significant and can have heavy repercussions if a translation is done badly. This is particularly the case with certified translations, as they are official and have a legal dimension in court. We therefore select our translators, project managers and proofreaders with extreme rigueur, to obtain quality professional translations. Our recruitment process is divided into four steps.

Examining the translator’s CV

We take great care to thoroughly examine our potential translators’ CVs. They must be qualified in translation and master at least one source language (other than their mother tongue) to perfection. We then look at the fields they specialise in (medicine, cosmetics, economics and IT amongst others). We require all our translators to be highly skilled, particularly for technical translations, legal translationsmedical translations (or pharmaceutical), industrial translations. An additional diploma or experience in their specialist field are also a plus. Our resources therefore include many translators with translation and engineering qualifications for your industry translations. We also require that they know how to use the basic office software applications: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Translation testing

Translators whose CV we are interested in must then undertake two tests. These are assessed and are crucial to whether we then work with them or not. The tests are chosen according to the translator applicant’s specialist fields. The translation is assessed according to three criteria: staying faithful to the original text (linguistically, terminologically and technically), the application of grammatical rules and readability.

To recruit interpreters, we contact their previous clients to assess their satisfaction. If this feedback is positive, these interpreters will then be accompanied by one of our specialists during their first interpretation assignment on behalf of our translation and interpretation company.

Approving the translator applicants

When the translation and interpretation tests have been approved, these applicants become translators for our translation company and are included in our resources.

Choosing a translator for your projects

The project manager chooses the translator according to the particular aspects of your projects. Your dedicated project manager is familiar with your expectations and needs, and our translators’ skills, and will therefore choose the most suitable translator for your project.

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