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The work of an interpreter in ParisA.D.T. International can provide interpreters for assignments in France and abroad. The interpreters we work with are highly experienced specialists and graduates of the top schools, a guarantee of the quality of service you can expect.

They can provide fluid and dynamic interpretation for any engagement, using a variety of styles depending on the format: 

  • Liaison: for meetings in small groups, for sales negotiations or during an interview for example. Short segments of speech are interpreted making this style ideal for debate or more informal discussions.
  • Consecutive: the interpreter takes full, accurate notes (ideas, anecdotes, articulation…) of a speech and then delivers the whole message in segments of a few minutes. This type is most suited to grander presentations.
  • Whispered: the interpreter stands by the person for whom the speech is interpreted, and discretely interprets what’s being said at the same time. This type is ideal for an individual - an official visit for example - during fairly short meetings.
  • Simultaneous: This is the most direct type of interpreting, as it’s done “live”. The interpreter interprets what they hear as it’s being spoken, allowing the person speaking to do so normally without having to pause intermittently. The interpretation is usually relayed through an earpiece. The delivery of your meeting, result and pace are not interrupted. It’s the method that should be chosen for meetings in more than two languages. For large conferences or seminars one or several booths can be used for this type of interpretation. Lighter more mobile equipment can be used for visits, training or smaller groups.

A.D.T. International can also provide the necessary equipment and technical assistance. Professionals advise you as to the choice of equipment required for your assignment and deal with your logistical requirements to ensure the best result.

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