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Financial translation by the A.D.T. International translation agency

Financial translation is a complex task – entrust it to a qualified professional

The team of translators at workBeyond just the figures, your audience, partners and colleagues who don't speak the same language as you, need the translation of your financial documents to be perfectly executed. Financial terminology must be handled with precision and accuracy. This requires in-depth knowledge and specialist skills in this area. A professional quality financial translation is essential to allow your company to flourish globally.

Translating financial documents requires a great deal of responsiveness, to adapt to the realities of this sector. The translator must have an expert knowledge of the issues involved in the document, to be able to return the most accurate translation of it.

It’s such a specialized area that the work required can never be replaced by a machine. Our experienced translators specializing in  finance are qualified in subject and have in-depth knowledge of the regulations relating to the sector. They are skilled at ensuring everything is clear for the reader.

The documents translated by A.D.T. International in the field of financial translation are varied, for example: investor documents, status reports, progress reports, bank documents, management documents, audit reports, credit agreements and flotation agreements. Depending on the area of expertise, we are able to translate into up to 50 different languages.

Confidentiality of your documents

Work items for a financial translationWe are very mindful of the confidentiality of the documents you entrust to us for translation. We understand that you need to keep your documents confidential and your information will not by divulged, neither by our company, nor by our translators. All A.D.T. employees, as well as our freelance translators, sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their contract and are bound by professional confidentiality. What’s more, our connections, servers and internal networks are totally secure, to guarantee the protection of your data.

We attach great importance to this aspect of our profession. We firmly believe that it's crucial in enabling us to establish trust between our translation agency and our clients. This is part of our basic service, in the same way that customer satisfaction is embedded in our core values.

Taking care of the layout of your financial and business documents

Financial documents have to meet certain criteria when it comes to presentation and layout. Upon request, we can publish them (in Word, InDesign, Excel, PPT, etc.) so that they are in keeping with the standards for the sector. All our translators have expert knowledge of different desktop publishing software programmes, but we can also provide D.T.P. services (desktop publishing) for a specific layout.

Our graphic designers are experts in making financial documents user-friendly, which can mean different things in different countries. If you need financial translation for a country which has a different presentation style to your own, they will be able to adapt to this, so that your audience understands the information you are communicating. For a document in a language that is read from right to left, like Arabic, the whole layout will be redesigned.

A varied sector that requires expertise

The A.D.T. International translation agency is skilled at translating all types of documents:

Translation of audits 

Procedure audits, training manuals, procedure manuals, recommendations, commission reports on mergers and acquisitions, audit reports, executive summaries, special reports, etc.

Corporate communications translation 

Press releases, letters, employee communications, company newsletters, strategic action plans, annual reports, financial notices, quarterly and bi-annual results, etc.

Translation of financial company communication 

Marketing brochures, websites, internal newsletters, human resources documents, etc.

Accounting document translation 

Letters to shareholders, investor relations, annual reports, accounting standards, accounts and financial report appendices, company plans, board of directors and AGM/EGM minutes, etc.

Financial document translation 

Macroeconomic studies, briefing notes for open-end investment funds, employee share ownership plan, UCITS, company prospectuses, investment fund management reports, stock exchange analysis, etc.

Our teams are specialists in financial translation

We are very rigorous in our choice of translators. They each have a specialism (corporate communications, audits, financial company communication, finance, accounting, etc.), and they all have experience in their area of expertise. This is essential for a good command of all specialized and technical terms related to the financial sector.

For each task you entrust to us, we rigorously select translators to work on your documents from among our 2,500 translators, proofreaders and interpreters, according to several criteria, for example: experience, specialism and native language.

Quality control process

For each document you entrust to us for translation, we apply a quality control process that we strictly follow, to ensure a consistent and high quality end result:

  • Linguistic checks: To ensure the original message has been fully conveyed. This step enables us to check that the information is true to the original document. It also includes checks to ensure the rules of the target language have been applied (grammar, syntax, spelling, conjugation and punctuation).
  • Terminological checks: These checks ensure that relevant terminology has been used, which is in line with the standards of financial business, whether that’s banking, accounting or corporate communications.
  • Technical checks: Our translations must convey a real understanding and grasp of the service and of the subject. For technical translations of financial documents, this is a very important step.
  • Layout checks: The presentation and layout of the document are an integral part of the service. That’s why we check that the client’s requirements have been adhered to in terms of layout.
  • Punctuality checks: Meeting deadlines is part of our service, and our commitment. Whether it’s for a long-term project or something urgent, the rule is the same: our translators adhere to deadlines that are fixed at the beginning of the project. This is highly important for the smooth functioning of the general organization.

Contact us for your financial translation

Do you need a financial translation? Here are two solutions for you:

  • Get a quote online to estimate your document, and we will get back to you for more details about your request (for example: number of pages, layout needs, technical aspects of the document, etc.). Then we will provide you with a detailed quote within the hour.
  • Ask for a call-back! We can call you back to follow up on your request, so that we can discuss the type of translation you need, the number of pages in the document, etc. We will then send you a detailed quote within the hour.

Your search is over – A.D.T is the go-to translation agency for your financial translation projects! Many companies, banks (Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas and more), as well as the Treasury, already put their trust in us.

We can also take care of your urgent translations, on demand. We know your profession can be demanding and sometimes you have to publish or send documents at the last minute. The A.D.T. International translation agency is your best ally in this type of situation. We are able to make the necessary arrangements to deliver your urgent translation projects within the deadlines that you give us. Find out more about our ways of working when it comes to urgent translations.

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