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Dubbing is used in several scenarios. For example a video, to transcribe what people are saying, or a sound file, for a radio commercial.

The advantage of dubbing is that the person watching the documentary or film can fully concentrate on it. Voice actors must convey and mirror the same emotion, lip movement etc. as naturally and realistically as possible.

The A.D.T. translation agency has extensive experience in dubbing. Many prestigious clients choose to commission us for their dubbing requirements. In addition we have a large portfolio of voice actors, in more than 80 languages.

These professionals will know what tone to use for your film, documentary or commercial needs to transmit the message you want to convey.

If you’re looking to export your products or services abroad, use a video to promote your website, or communicate about an event abroad, whatever your requirement please feel free to ask for a free quote.

A.D.T. offers turnkey solutions for your dubbing requirements:

  • Preparation of the video and dialogue extraction
  • Recording in a studio with native voice actors
  • Editing and encoding
  • Delivery of the final video

We can adapt to your requirements and deadlines. Our project managers are available to advise and orientate you. They can suggest what’s best for your project.

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