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Translation of a document by the A.D.T. agency

A.D.T. International is a professional translation agency. Our translation agency is established in France, and has been providing translations for professionals and individuals since 1993. Our company’s translators provide quality translations and have been trained in the smooth running of projects, which has enabled A.D.T. International to obtain two ISO certifications that guarantee perfect project management, quality of service and respect of confidentiality. Do you have a translation project? We are available in the vicinity of our agency in Soisy-sous-Montmorency: Cergy, Paris, Sarcelles, Saint-Ouen l’Aumône, Enghien les Bains, Pontoise, … or through our agency in Marseille.

A project manager is assigned to your project to handle all your requests

Document translation by A.D.T. agencyFor any translation or interpretation request you entrust to A.D.T., we assign a project manager to it. Their role is to manage your project by guiding the different translation or interpretation teams, as well as organising the various schedules. The project manager is your dedicated contact person. They will be happy to take any requests, suggestions or instructions for your translation project into account. Real experts in their profession, our translation or interpretation managers will be able to answer any questions and advise you, thanks to their experience, responsivenessversatilitycapacity to analyse your needsflexibility and linguistic knowledge.

All our project managers have a degree or equivalent qualification in document translation. They are there for anything you need and will assist you throughout the project, even after you have received your translations, for any comments you may have. They ensure that your project respects both your specifications and our quality requirements and criteria. They are experienced and will see your project through successfully, while answering your questions on how a document is translated at A.D.T. International.

A.D.T. International services

Professional document translations

Translation of documents in different languagesThe experience, expertise and rigour of the translators who work with our translation agency have contributed to developing all the translation services we provide today. The major stages of each project have been pre-empted and studied in order to be processed as efficiently as possible. Our translators can therefore take on all your projects, whether they are classic or more specific translations: technical translationurgent translationofficial translation (certified, sworn)legal translationmedical translation (pharmaceutical), financial translation

Translating these documents requires a specialisation, in order to guarantee the documents’ accuracy, and sometimes a sworn translation which gives translations a particular legal status. This is particularly the case for a sworn or legal translation. These translations, which are mainly reserved for official documents  (identity papers, birth certificates, etc.) are marked by a certification stamp and signature, provided by a sworn translator.

Our urgent translations are also particular and well-known among our services. They are checked as thoroughly as our other translations, and yet are carried out in record time thanks to a team of translators working on your project.

Additional translation services provided by the agency

We wanted to give a broader dimension to translation, and offer clients complementary services (voice-overs and video subtitling, DTP, social media marketing, hire of interpretation equipment, etc.). These services allow your company’s image and awareness to be increased, in particular abroad. These translation services are the most effective for your international development. This article is along the same line as another article published recently on our website. The previous article addressed the question of how a company director could hesitate between a professional translation agency like A.D.T. International and a freelance translator (or worse: an amateur). We therefore looked at the advantages and disadvantages of different service providers and mentioned the fact that a professional agency would always be more efficient and responsive than an amateur translator. We invite you to read this article to learn more and to understand how important a translation’s quality is.

Translate your professional documents to develop your activity

Our translators translating a documentWill translating a document or professional format contribute to your company's international development? A lot of company directors and decision makers (from SMBs to multinationals) have asked us this question. Let’s get straight to the point.

Today, communication is key for your company more than ever, and ignoring this can have an immediate impact on your accounts. Essential to a business, having your professional documents and media translated increases your image, renown and therefore potential new contracts. Thanks to the quality of the translation provided by our translation agency, your translation will have a direct effect on your targets (potential future customers), employees, partners and competitors. This will result in them having a better impression of your company. The documents and media you have to translate to prove your international reach are many and varied. Some are obvious, others less so.

Professional documents and media to translate

Translating a documentLet’s start with one of the most important: your website. Your website is really a virtual brochure which usually presents your services as well as your contact details and can be potentially accessed by all. A professional translation would be effective from all points of view. First of all, more people will be able to understand your texts. The obvious step would be to have it translated into English. As your website would then be multilingual, its SEO referencing would be improved, and more people would visit your website. SEO referencing in a foreign language can also be considered so that your website can be seen more in countries in addition to France.

Then there’s your brochure. This document is your professional passport and can allow you to win new contracts, and develop new business relationships. A translated brochure will be seen positively by your foreign partners and associates. You can have your brochure translated into English for example in order to distribute it to all your potential partners or foreign customers, but also have it translated into a specific language in order to make a better impression. Many companies contact us to have their brochure and various other documents translated into Chinese, just before an important meeting with Chinese business contacts. This specific element can be highly decisive.

Translation is key for your in-house documents. Graphic charters, non-disclosure agreements, company rules and regulations… many documents have to be perfectly translated to avoid anything being misunderstood by or confusing for your foreign employees. In a way, these documents reflect the core and identity of your company, and their translation shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Let’s consider your advertising. It enables you to create an awareness of your business in other countries and therefore develop it. How can you expand outside France when your advertising is only in French? Our experts (translators and graphic designers) will work together on translating your French advertisements. The words used will be carefully chosen in order to adapt your message in the most suitable way depending on the culture and context of the target country. Graphic features will also be imitated to result in a translated advertisement that reflects the original as closely as possible.

We can also help produce or translate subtitles and inset text for any type of company videos and reports. You may have noticed that in many films the letters, SMS or other texts on the screen are translated so the viewer can be even more included. A.D.T. International, its translators and technicians provide this kind of service for your partners, employees and clients to enjoy.

Translating a document: the steps involved in a translation project

Receiving a request for a quotation

When you ask us for a quotation, our teams will process it. First of all they analyse the various requests and constraints you have. The languages involved, deadline, business sector, number of documents, number of words and page layout are just some of the factors taken into consideration to give you the most accurate quotation possible. The A.D.T. International translation agency teams are quick off the mark and undertake to give you a detailed quotation within the hour following your request (during office hours, so long as we have received all the relevant documents), in order to translate your document or documents as fast as possible.

Receiving your go ahead and the translation

Once we have received your go ahead, we will pass your file onto the translation team in charge of your project. Not just any team has been chosen. In line with our quality undertaking, we assign the most suitable translators to your project. As such, our translators translate only into their mother tongue, and are specialist in the subject. This is because the documents we translate are often highly technical and specific: the vocabulary, lexical field, terminology and any other factors relating to translating your document require expert knowledge. We’re often contacted to translate medical documents, which are sometimes extremely technical. Naturally, only a specialist in the subject can be authorised to work on such a project for A.D.T.

Translation and proofreading

The third step is translating your document. Our translation teams take care of your projects while respecting your deadlines. Therefore if you have chosen an urgent translation, they can work day and night to translate your documents in time. Once the translations have been carried out, they are given to your project manager, who will check your translation’s coherence and quality, and finalise your project through several other steps.

The translations are then sent to the proofreader. They have also been assigned to your project in line with their mother tongue and specialisation. They may discuss certain points with the translation team.

DTP (Desk Top Publishing)

Translating a document doesn’t just rely on words. Other factors come into play and will affect your translation’s final translation. This is the case for DTP (Desk Top Publishing). We’re often asked to undertake this step of a project, in order to respect your graphic charter and brand identity. To a greater or lesser extent your documents’ translation can change its page layout, through its differences (number of words, their length, typographical differences, bidirectional texts, etc.). Our DTP service will format your translations as best possible by adapting their page layout to be able to deliver an file that matches your layout all while respecting the stylistic aspects of your source document.

Checking and sending your translated documents

The fifth step is finalising your project. The project manager assigned to your project checks everything one last time: translations, page layout, file names, respect of your instructions, etc. Once this check has been carried out, the project manager will send you your files via the means that suits you: email, secure FTP or other.

Approving your translations

The sixth step is approval. You’ll check the quality of your translations, page layout, and any other elements we've worked on. You can make any comments to be taken into account for your future translations. You can also send us any changes you prefer to make to your translations: we’ll take them into account and integrate them into our CAT tool translation memory for your future projects.

Invoicing and archiving your translation project

The seventh and final step. Once you’ve approved your translation and everything has been delivered, we finish working on your project by invoicing it and archiving it.

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