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English into French translation

English is the third most spoken language in the world, after Chinese and Spanish. Schools are teaching this international language earlier and earlier to favour and encourage the various exchanges there are in the economy, politics, sport and other areas.

To translate from English to French, choose A.D.T. International

Translation of a document from English to FrenchThe English into French translation, and vice versa, A.D.T. International provides is irreproachable. Our two quality certifications (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17100: 2015) guarantee a translation of impeccable quality. They symbolise and represent the various methods and processes we follow for each new project. Whether it’s for translating from English into French, French into English, or any other translation, our methods remain the same and translations have the same quality.

All our translators are rigorously chosen and recruited, after they have undertaken various tests to confirm their translation skills. Each of our translators specialise in one target language and one field. Our projects therefore have no surprises and the various translations (English to French or whatever combination) always lead to a professional result that cannot be bettered. Our translators have undergone training and are expected to provide this level of translation quality, and don't just translate literally. They take the greatest of care in conveying what the document means to say and keeping the document’s tone.

Think of using French to English translation to open your organisation to a wider audience

With globalisation running the world, and if your organisation has adopted this economic model, it is vital to have good translations from French to English. Whereas approximate translations could discredit you and make you lose a number of future clients high quality translations will result in the opposite: your image will be better portrayed, you'll gain in credibility, and therefore meetings and projects.

Whether you have one document, a set of documents, a website or any other source document to translate, you can trust A.D.T. International, which will give your organisation a new dimension by opening new doors for it thanks to consistent professional translations, that are suitable lexically speaking. A.D.T. International’s reputation says it all, how much it devotes to its professional translation projects and the success of each one. Each professional translation must be faithful to the original text, particularly with regards three aspects: linguistic, terminological, technical.

We provide professional translations

We can take any project on. We bring together all the resources (human, equipment) required for your project. A.D.T. International is not just a run-of-the-mill translation company like others. Our added value is ours alone, we go beyond classic cases for each assignment. Basically, our translation agency adapts and adjusts its organisation in line with your project, its particular aspects, circumstances and context. Due to this we have defined several formulas in order to adapt our offer as best as possible and meet your needs.

Urgent translations

Proofreading a document translated from English-FrenchSomething that wasn't planned, a project that’s late, a fast-approaching deadline, a procedure that took longer than planned… There are many reasons you may need an urgent translation.

Whereas the final translation quality will be the same as a more classic translation, there are certain methods that vary with this kind of professional translation. Specialised and trained in urgent translations, our sales, translator, project manager and graphic designer teams (depending on your project) work day and night on your documents to get them back to you in record time so you can keep your commitments. Our checking methods remain the same: before each delivery a check is carried out by someone who has not previously worked on the project to definitively approve your translation’s quality and rigour.

For a translation from French to English, or a translation from English to French, our urgent translations are even easier to set up, as this international language is one of the main languages we’re contacted for and we have put teams in place as a result.

Legal translation

Our translation agency also carries out legal translations. This type of translation is fairly complex and requires a certain level of rigour to ensure the final translation’s quality. Legal translation requires extensive knowledge of law, and also needs appreciation of the various legal systems and laws in the translation’s source and target language countries. Having a document translated from English to French or vice versa for a legal translation is having to make various legal or legislative principles in the languages’ countries converge.

Due to its complexity, this type of translation is like technical translation, and in particular medical translation.

Technical translation

Technical translation is a type of professional translation which requires in-depth knowledge and a certain level of specialisation. For different business sectors, technical translation enables this sector’s instructions, technical specs and other specific documents to be translated. As such, light formulations are not suitable for this translation, which naturally uses technical words, product names and other processes.

Medical translation, for example, is a technical translation because it requires in-depth knowledge of the field. Therefore, to be able to translate instructions for using medicines respecting the consistency and all the necessary information, the translator must ensure that all the various specifics of the French medical area and its English (or any other Anglo-Saxon country) equivalent are consistent. We invite you to read this article to learn a little more about medical and pharmaceutical translation.

Website translation

Translating your website into English will give you the opportunity to open your doors to new clients. Indeed, apart from how smoothly Anglo-Saxons and the rest of the world (as the English language is understood, spoken and written by more than two billion people) will enjoy browsing your website, your multilingual website will enable search engines to identify you easier. You’ll not only gain new foreign clients, but also locally, in France, thanks to an increased number of visitors.

Legally sworn translation

The A.D.T. International translation agency also specialises in legally sworn translation (certified translation, official translation). This official translation is similar to legal translation. It is needed for the translation of official documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, identity documents or any other official and administrative document. Not all translators are qualified to translate the official documents you need to have translated into English. An expert is needed for this type of translation, as they certify the accuracy of the translations by putting their stamp on translated documents, so they are valid for various administrative departments, whether French, English or anywhere else.


Localisation is slightly different to traditional translation, in that a cultural and ethnic dimension is included in the translation. It therefore needs concrete knowledge of both cultures (the source language and target language). As a real marketing tool, localisation translation doesn't retain ideas, it adapts them. Therefore localisation allows operations that are targeted in order to optimise each message in line with its target, particularly in communication. But if it seems obvious for the translations between the languages of two countries that completely oppose each other (geographically, politically, etc.), it’s less so for more common languages like English into French for example. However it is very useful, as there are subtleties that only experts can detect and adapt.


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