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Quality control

Presentation and definition of assessment criteriaThe Quality control

Faithfulness to the meaning of the source text:

Faithfulness to the meaning is expressed on three levels:

  • Linguistic:
    Making sure that the original message is translated fully and scrupulously.
  • Terminological:
    Guaranteeing that the terminology used is appropriate to the activity concerned.
  • Technical: 
    Reflecting a genuine understanding of the product or subject.

We believe that any distortion of the meaning of the source text will have a direct impact on the reader or even on the proper use or understanding of a product or subject. We therefore consider it to be a serious error. In such cases the translator is immediately warned and, in principle, we terminate our working relationship.

  • Application of grammatical rules:
    A proper understanding of the text depends on appropriate application of grammatical rules. Our translators and revisers pay close attention to these rules.
  • Readability:
    By readability we mean the presentation of the text, which is an important factor. Any alteration to the form of the text may make it uncomfortable to read. However, since most translators translate by typing over the source text, whenever possible, it is quite unusual to encounter any real alteration to the form of the text. The layout is usually maintained automatically. The reviser ensures in all cases that the presentation of the target text matches the presentation of the source text.
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