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A.D.T. International interpretation company, expert in consecutive interpretation

Our interpreters are experts in consecutive interpretationA.D.T. International provides professional interpreters for all your interpretation requirements. The role of an interpreter: to act as a link between two cultures. An interpreter intervenes when people who don't speak the same language need to discuss something.

We provide professional and recognised interpreters to assist you during your meetings, conferences, business lunches, etc. The interpreter will enable you to convey the meaning of what you are saying and understand the nuances of what the other person is saying. There are various styles of interpretation:

  • Liaison interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous or conference interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation

These days, consecutive interpretation has largely given way to simultaneous interpretation, but it is still useful in certain contexts, particularly during  technical meetings, business lunches, meetings of small groups or site visits.

What is consecutive interpretation?

First of all, it’s worth knowing that consecutive interpretation is the oldest style of interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation consists of repeating what the person speaking has said, in another language, after they have spoken. While the person is speaking, the interpreter generally takes notes that will help them to fully and faithfully convey what is said in the other language. What is said includes any oral intervention and not just formal deliveries. The duration of the interpreted speech can vary greatly and last up to 15 or 30 minutes. This is because the interpreter translates successive sections of what the speaker is saying during the short pauses the speaker makes to allow for this. This situation will make the duration of the meeting substantially longer (often double the time planned for).

The interpreter then translates the audience’s questions. They must therefore speak both of the assignment's languages perfectly. Unlike translators, interpreters do not translate only into their mother tongue.

The advantages of consecutive interpretation are that no specific set-up is required, it gives the speakers the time to think, and works well for VIP visits and negotiations as well as short speeches. This service needs subtility and skill as consecutive interpretation consists of taking notes during the delivery and providing a faithful translation afterwards.

There are three elements to consecutive interpretation:

  • The meaning of the speaker’s message: in this first major element, this means taking on the message. It is important to give as much information as possible to the interpreter before the assignment, so they can prepare themselves properly and understand and take on what the speaker is saying.
  • The interpreter’s speech: after the speaker has spoken for the first time, the interpreter relays the message in the language of those listening. Good communication is needed to translate the right message. A certain level of experience and public speaking skills are needed to respect the speech’s style and content.
  • Note taking: it is needed for consecutive interpretation, but not a requirement. The interpreter can choose to take notes if they prefer.

How does consecutive interpretation take place?

The means employed to carry out your interpretationsThe interpreter is seated among the participants and listens to the speaker. At the end, they relay it in another language, using their notes as seen earlier. For successful consecutive interpretation, it is preferable that the speaker pause regularly so that the interpreter can take the message on board to faithfully translate it afterwards. 

This style of interpretation has certain advantages: little or no equipment is needed, exchange is encouraged between the interpreter and participants as they are among them, and it is more down-to-earth.

However certain points need to be taken into account:

  • The interpreter needs as much time to give the interpretation as the speaker needs to speak. As a result, twice as much time for the event should be allowed for.
  • All the participants listen to everything that’s said each time, first in the original language then in the translated version. This technique can be hard going to listen to for longer events or those with more than two conference languages.
  • It is essential to let the speaker know if you plan to have a consecutive interpretation of their presentation so that they can take it into account in structuring their presentation and adjust it to allow for the frequent interruptions.

Situations requiring consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is generally used for small meetings or diplomatic visits. The speakers spend several minutes presenting an idea then stop to let the interpreter translate. Certain larger events may need simultaneous interpretation.

Here is a list of some events that may need consecutive interpreters:

  • Technical meetings
  • Business lunches
  • Small group meetings
  • Site visits
  • Press conferences
  • Sales meetings and assignments
  • Trade shows and fairs

Recognised and qualified interpreters for quality consecutive interpretation

Thanks to A.D.T. International, you’re calling on internationally recognised and qualified interpreters. We provide consecutive interpreters for you where and when you need them. We have experienced interpreters able to precisely convey presentations that last for many minutes. These consecutive interpreters show great agility in taking notes and convey the speaker’s message as soon as they pause in their speech.

Contact A.D.T. International to request a consecutive interpretation

We guarantee service with fast responsiveness. There are two ways to contact us for a quotation:

  • Get an online quotation. It’s the easiest solution to get a fast estimate for your interpretation project. Our teams will send you a complete and detailed quotation.
  • Ask to be called back. Our teams will be happy to phone you back to answer any questions you may have and look at your needs in depth. We undertake to then send you a detailed quotation within the hour.
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