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CAT – Computer-Assisted Translation tools

A.D.T. International regularly uses CAT tools. CAT tools may be considered personalized digital dictionaries that make it possible to optimize consistency throughout the translation of lengthy documents which have considerable repetitions. A translation memory is created for the first project, which is expanded with each new project.

CAT tools and the advantages of a translation memory

There are several advantages to establishing a translation memory:

  • It preserves consistency in the terminology of your documents (even if several translators work on the project);
  • It takes into account your terminological preferences and any modifications that you have requested on past orders;
  • It optimizes turnaround time and costs (depending on the proportion of repeated phrases);

If you have reference glossaries, we can also integrate them into the translation process. This is the best possible approach to handling linguistic data in a flexible, effective way.

Computer-Assisted Translation is not automatic translation

Translation is an intellectual exercise; it is not an exact science. The author needs to not only perfectly master the language but also have a thorough understanding of the subject, and the logical conclusions that may be drawn from it... All the things that software can never replace. CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) is not automatic translation like Google Translate. CAT tools simply help the human translator to quickly and intelligently search through previously provided translations to guarantee consistency throughout the final work and enable you to save money. These tools free the translator from tedious, repetitive work so they may fully concentrate on the translation.