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A.D.T. International specialist services

A.D.T. servicesAs an international translation agency, our company provides translation, proofreading, interpretation and page layout (DTP) services all over the world We’re experts in multilingual translation, and are the service provider any company needs if they want to grow their business abroad. We work with many translators, all over the world, which enables us to carry out translations in multiple language combinations. All are qualified and have been selected after a rigorous process of tests and assessments. Each of them translates only into their mother tongue, to ensure a quality service. We have a very strict in-house process: all translations undergo a rigorous quality check that allows us to deliver impeccable translations.

We’re known to be a leader in our field, with a reputation that results from years of work, organisation, studies and investment. Our values are important and contribute much to our renown and image. 

We also provide several specialist services for your translations, in particular Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) and Desktop Publishing (DTP). Each service deals with different requirements, but all our services have the same aims: quality, efficiency and rapidity. We give equal importance, rigour and care to each of your projects. 

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) is a tool that has many advantages. Your translations are logged in a terminological memory, from which we can generate a database that enables us to ensure the continuity and coherence of your translated texts, while translating faster and reducing your costs. Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) really helps the translator, but their research, interpretation and thought process remain indispensable for providing a quality translation. 

Whether for a pharmaceutical translation, financial translation or technical translation, Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) is the perfect and most used tool in the translation industry. Our translations remain at the same high level in all our agencies (Paris and Marseille). 

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Click here to see our information on Desktop Publishing.

A communication campaign, in France or abroad is no simple matter. Particular care is needed when undertaking the translation of your documents, and your brochures and slogans especially, because a bad translation can have a serious impact on how well your campaign comes across. We therefore provide our best translators that are specialists in this area to undertake your translations.

We translate your communication documentation so that it captures as much attention as possible and is in phase with your target country’s culture. We translate your documents reproducing the same page layout as the original document.

Our multilingual graphic designers work with all page layout and design software (such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Publisher and Xpress), on Mac and PC

The translation agency that makes a difference

A.D.T. International is an international group considered to be a leader in its industry. We are multi-service and experts in translating all types of documents, even the most technical. We regularly help specialist companies grow their business internationally by translating various documents: technical instructions, manuals, catalogues, websites and more. 

Get an online quotation! We’ll get back to you with your quotation within the hour. A.D.T. International has offices in Paris and Marseille. Numerous references for work we have undertaken give accounts of how efficient and professional we are.

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