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A.D.T. International

Who are we?

The group already has a global presence and is constantly expanding its staff to meet the needs of its clients.
A.D.T. International was the first ISO 9002-certified translation company and was awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2001. This standard guarantees that you will receive a high standard of service based on a rigorous process incorporating a number of verification phases.
A.D.T. International guarantees a translation that will meet your requirements, produced by an experienced translator without recourse to machine translation.
The group’s experienced and dynamic team is committed to meeting your needs as fully as possible, guaranteeing optimum responsiveness and a result that matches your expectations.

Our international presence

Over the years, A.D.T. International’s reputation has gone global. As a result of its growth and development, the group now has many subsidiaries around the world. The subsidiaries in France, Belgium and Canada work closely together to ensure that you always receive impeccable service.

A constantly growing company

Since it was formed, A.D.T. International has acquired a number of translation agencies in order to expand its staff, broaden its areas of expertise and increase its competitiveness and know-how.

  1. 1996: Formation of the subsidiary Abbaye Traductions
  2. 2002: Acquisition of ICI LA BAS L.T.A. TRADWEB
  3. 2003: Acquisition of SISPEO and ABILE
  4. 2004: Acquisition of CABINET CHAMPOLLION
  5. 2007: Acquisition of ANAXAGORE INTERNATIONAL
  6. 2008: Acquisition of ANTHEA LANGUAGES

In January 2010, Abbaye Traductions and Ici Là Bas combined their translation know-how and expertise with that of their parent company.